June 3, 2023

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In the Baltic states, near Russia, the French army was at the forefront of blocking the Allies

Report – In the logic of armed wrestling with NATO, Moscow condemns the Allied military presence in the former Soviet republics and the exercises conducted there. On the contrary, the Allies are reminiscent of NATO’s purely defensive occupation.

Special Envoy of Adaci

The “stalk of death” is upside down, waiting to bend down a hill. The Leklerk tank, with its baptismal nickname on the side, points its 120mm gun tower towards the “front row”. But the engine is ready to start, forward in the other direction, retreat or change position. Movement is a guarantee of survival to escape from a possible artillery attack. The latest generation of bombs, like the Russian military, can fine-tune their trajectory within 300 meters of a target. Therefore, the lightweight armored vehicle (LAV) that comes with it must take the next steps, in the area where snow and earth converge, coniferous trees and skeletal birches, icy waters and treacherous expansions of forest, in order to quickly and intelligently locate the surroundings. Outside, the temperature is below zero and the sky is clear. Previous day, air chambers

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