May 30, 2023

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In the Senate, Democrats won a new seat and majority

Pastor Warnock finally made it to Georgia. Democrats no longer need the voice of Vice President Kamala Harris to ensure they dominate the upper house of Congress.

Re-elected Georgia senator Raphael Warnock’s victory on Tuesday gives Democrats a majority in the Senate. Joe Biden’s party won one seat compared to the current distribution of the Senate for two years, split evenly between 50 Democratic and 50 Republican senators. Only the voice of Vice President Kamala Harris ensured the Democrats’ dominance.

Pastor Warnock received a close vote against his Republican opponent, former American football champion Herschel Walker. By the time of the November 8 election, Warnock had already defeated Walker by 37,000 votes out of nearly 4 million votes, but he fell short of the 50% threshold required for a runoff.

“The People Have Spoken”

“After a difficult campaign or campaigns, I have the honor of speaking the most powerful words in democracy: the people have spoken,” Warnock said to cheer the fans in Atlanta on Tuesday night. Since 2020, Warnock has participated in four polls. The first black senator from Georgia, he has now been elected to 6-year terms.

“A form of prayer for the world we want for ourselves and our children” He also introduced Warnock, a Baptist minister who preached to Martin Luther King at Ebenezer Church in Atlanta. “Georgians, you prayed with your lips, with your feet, with your hands, with your feet, with your heads, with your hearts. You worked hard, and here we are together.

American football star Herschel Walker was endorsed by Donald Trump in the Republican primaries. But his campaign was somewhat marred by a series of allegations, including that he paid for the abortions of two ex-girlfriends.

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But Walker didn’t follow his mentor’s lead, conceding defeat after Tuesday night’s screenings gave Warnock the win. “The numbers don’t seem to add up.” Said the former footballer. “There are no excuses in life and I’m not going to look for any now that we fought like hell.”

Georgia is a controversial state

The Democratic victory confirms Joe Biden’s party’s relatively good performance in a midterm election that promises to be tough. However, it retains Georgia’s status as a contested state between Democrats and Republicans.

In 2020, Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate to win Georgia in 30 years. A few months later, in January 2021, when Trump contested the presidential election results, the election of Warnock and fellow Democrat candidate John Ossoff gave their party control of the Senate in extremism. But Georgia also re-elected Republican Gov. Brian Kemp by a comfortable margin on Nov. 8, along with a string of elected Republicans, including Secretary of State Brad Raffensburger.

Herschel Walker’s selection in the Republican primary, backed by Trump, was criticized by many of the party’s elected officials. His enormous popularity, due to his football career, was quickly offset by questions about his fitness for office and his controversial personality. Mitch McConnell, the Republican minority leader in the Senate, criticized the election as making it difficult for Republicans to win. “Quality of Candidates Matters”The senator commented.

Walker’s loss is another setback for Trump, who has announced his third White House bid in 2024 and is counting on candidates he has endorsed to cement his control over the Republican Party. For Democrats and Joe Biden, a new majority in the Senate offers a welcome opportunity. The party no longer has to rely on the voice of Vice President Kamala Harris to pull out coalition votes. Democrats will no longer depend on a senator’s defection to pass bills or confirm nominations, as they have for the past two years. They also hold majorities in Senate committees that have so far been split with Republicans.

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