June 1, 2023

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In the United States, Congress overcame the first hurdle to avoid a strike

The U.S. Congress, on Thursday, December 2, was the first obstacle to escaping the freeze on U.S. federal services this weekend, with a popular strike as elected Republicans sought to provoke the Biden government against vaccination duties.

Elected representatives of the House of Representatives approved the new finance law later in the afternoon on Friday at midnight to technically force hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers.

But the text, as a result of lengthy negotiations, must now go to the Senate, where a deviation can be prevented from being accepted in a timely manner, with the consent of all elected officials voting in favor.

However, a handful of Republicans, most of whom are very close to Donald Trump, argue that this text will help finance Joe Biden’s order. Employees of companies with more than 100 people should be vaccinated, And they resist. One of them, Senator Mike Lee of Utah’s Conservative state, backed his decision Thursday. “Choose between pausing non-essential activities and sitting idle” Faced with this vaccination order, he appealed, “I will support American workers every time.”.

“Very stupid”

Ministries but national parks and many US organizations will be affected if the threat of these elected officials is implemented. The winter 2018 shutdown is the longest to date, Which significantly affected the control of luggage at airports, causing unwelcome confusion before the holidays for most of the elected officials.

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Eager to avoid this situation, which is highly undesirable among Americans, parliamentary officials from both camps urgently call on protesters to change their minds. “This is nonsense. People who oppose science say they are going to block the federal government against the vaccine.”, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat leader of the House of Representatives.

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Despite these talks, Joe Biden remained optimistic Thursday afternoon. “There is a strategy” To avoid a strike, he said during a trip, “Unless anyone is volunteering to come up with a pretty template?”.

It is certainly very common to see last minute deals on a provisional budget. But the situation was uncertain, and many economists began to calculate the cost of this potential blockade, estimated at a few billion dollars a week.

Debt, military, maternal

The urgency is twofold, as MPs have to deal with a set of equally decisive specifications before the holidays. In addition to this fiscal law, elected officials are expected to adopt a separate security budget.

More urgently, the world’s largest economic power has until Dec. 15 to raise its debt capacity to avoid the first sovereign error. Otherwise the United States could be tying itself up for money and failing to meet its payments, a catastrophic situation closely watched by the major powers around the world.

If Congress is able to remove these sites in a timely manner, it will finally be able to discuss the giant elements of the social and environmental investment that Joe Biden wants, which the White House is patiently waiting for. The $ 1,750 billion project, among other things, provides generous funding for free kindergarten for all and to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which has been embroiled in a months-long delay in the U.S. Congress.

But Joe Biden is seriously considering these steps to renew his presidency, which is very popular among Americans, according to opinion polls. The leader of the Senate Majority Democrats has promised that the text will be adopted before Christmas. Like many in Congress, this scenario is currently very uncertain.

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