May 30, 2023

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In turn, New York chooses to force its police officers to be vaccinated

Released on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 11:23 p.m.

New York police and firefighters have no choice but to get vaccinated against Govt-19 to continue service as soon as possible, which is a risk that could cause a stir like other major cities like the Americans.

After teachers and caretakers, all businesses of about 160,000 municipal employees in New York will be affected by the strict vaccination duty by garbage collectors from police to firefighters from Nov. 1.

But Patrick Lynch, the boss of the city’s main police union (NYCPBA), which backed Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in the summer of 2020, promised to take Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to court immediately. The freedom of our members “, he recalled that he was not opposed to the vaccine.

A scene already seen in other major American cities.

In Chicago, the boss of a police union called its 13,000 members to disobey the orders of Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who imposed a vaccine or routine test on Govt-19 for the police. In the third largest city in the United States, amid rising crime, the union hopes to win the fight by showing that the streets need police officers.

A speech was also heard in Boston. “Staff shortages are the biggest threat to public safety today,” Michael Cervan, president of the Massachusetts State Police Association, told a news conference Monday. Regretting the lack of adequate staff already, he admitted that 85% of his organization’s members had been vaccinated.

– Controversy –

Since the outbreak, Govt-19 has been the leading cause of death in the “service” of police officers in the United States, with 20 deaths from the corona virus in 2021 from gunshot wounds, 50 out of a total of 369.

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In New York, nearly 71% of officers (including 55,000, 35,000 in uniform) received at least one dose of the vaccine, the NYPD Police Department told AFP Wednesday. That’s a figure below the city’s total adult population (84%), but since September, it has been 61% among police officers.

In this context, the video, which has been circulating on social media since Tuesday, has caused a controversy: it shows a man, a man and a woman asking to wear a mask, and two agents being accidentally pushed out of a subway platform. Fate for all passengers, including police.

“There is no reason. We are better than that,” NYPD boss Dermot Shia told a news conference Wednesday, announcing disciplinary action against the two officers.

– $ 500 –

Until now, police or New York firefighters have to choose between a routine presentation of a negative test for the vaccine or the Govt. To justify its tax change, Town Hall points out that the city has increased the vaccination rate by more than 95%, which is a serious duty among teachers and caregivers.

On its knees by 2020, with images of more hospitals and improved corpses, the best cultural and economic capital of East America (nearly 9 million people) already needs the vaccine to enter restaurants, cinemas or even gyms to attend outdoor events.

But “a lot of staff in town are not yet vaccinated,” CNN assured Bill de Blasio on Wednesday.

To encourage more hesitation, Town Hall promises a $ 500 bonus on their pay to officers who receive the first dose before October 29th. After this period, the offender will see their pay stopped.

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The only exception is the prison guards, whose responsibility has been postponed to December 1 because of the staffing problems at Rikers Island Prison, which continue to point to deteriorating detention conditions.

Mandatory vaccination is an important issue between Democrats and Republicans in the United States. In Texas, the country’s second most populous country of 29 million people, without taxing it, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has banned all companies, including private companies, from needing the vaccine.