April 1, 2023

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Iran denies supplying weapons to Moscow for ‘use’ against Kyiv

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20h54 : Since the start of the war in Ukraine, SpaceX has provided Ukraine with about 25,000 terminals that provide Internet connectivity through the constellation of satellites that make up the Starlink network. Estimated cost of maintaining the network: $400 million for the coming year.

20h26 : Several NGOs organized an imaginary referendum to decide“connect” Russian Embassy in Warsaw. A humorous way of protesting against this country’s actions in Ukraine. “Connections are in fashion this season, justified the organizers. 3,000 people participated in this fake ballot.

19h14 : “This is a very important step, responding to one of the main demands of the Ukrainians. The President has verified a training plan, which will welcome 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers in France. The units have been there for several weeks. Artillery formations have already been made in France for Caesars, but here we are changing the scale.

In an interview ParisianThe minister describes a new part of the aid program for Ukraine announced by the president on France 2 in the middle of the week.

17h44 : Russian artists to fight in Ukraine did not escape regional mobilization, says Courier International, Russian Press Echo. Therefore, in the middle of its tour, the Petersburg theater Karambol had to bring in a replacement actor in Novosibirsk, Siberia, in a disaster, because the main character was called up for military service. Fortunately, the replacement player knew the area perfectly.

Unlike World War II, actors were exempted.

15h46 : A strike caused a fire at an oil depot in the Russian region of Belgorod, bordering Ukraine, the region’s governor, Vyacheslav Kladkov, said in a telegram. According to him, “No risk of transmission”. Russia last week condemned A “significant increase” Ukraine fires in several Russian border areas.

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15h48 : Germany’s diplomatic chief has warned against a hybrid war waged by Russia, which seeks to divide Europe and encourage an influx of refugees into its borders. Denial of a situation “Where people are used as weapons”Annalena Baerbach announced that Germany is particularly in contact with the Czech Republic and Slovakia to find solutions.

13h59 : “This time I packed my emergency suitcase like everyone else.”

Like the residents of Zaporizhia, Irina expected a hasty departure. In her suitcase, she slipped “Health Supplies, Essential Medicines, Chargers and Administrative Documents”.

13h59 : Six furnaces Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, under Russian occupation, suffered two power outages this week following bombings. Torn between fear and resignation in the face of the nuclear threat, Francinho meets the people who live around the plant. (ED JONES/AFP)

11h46 : The United States will provide an additional $725 million (€746 million) in military aid to Ukraine’s defense against a Russian invasion, the Pentagon and the State Department announced tonight. In total, US aid amounts “$18.3 billion” Since Joe Biden took office, according to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

11h40 : Belarusian officials have announced that the first Russian soldiers of a new military bloc between Moscow and Minsk have arrived in Belarus. The formation of this force is supposed to protect the country’s borders against the Ukrainian threat It was announced this week.

11h01 : According to Elon Musk, the cost of the operation: 80 million dollars (82 million euros), and the bill should reach 100 million (103 million euros) by the end of the year. SpaceX boss asks Pentagon to take over funding of Internet network in Ukraine

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10h55 : Elon Musk announces SpaceX No way to finance “indefinitely” Internet network in Ukraine. Since the start of the Russian offensive, SpaceX has provided Ukraine with about 25,000 terminals that provide Internet connectivity through the cluster of satellites that make up the Starlink network. The phone shows the Starlink internet network logo in Brazil on May 2, 2022.  (Sofa Images / Lightrocket)(Sofa Images / Lightrocket)

11h06 : Here is the first point from this Saturday morning news:
The strike at TotalEnergies’ French refineries has been renewed at five sites, the group’s CGT coordinator Eric Cellini told AFP. The strike has already extended to Tuesday and Wednesday at the Normandy and Tongues (Lower-Atlantic) refineries.

Saudi Arabia announced $400 million in humanitarian aid. His Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman spoke by phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the official SPA news agency reported.
After a 2022 summer marked by several heat waves, the fall season faces a heat wave this weekend. According to Meteo France, Rising temperatures will become widespread next week A minimum of 20° in the north and more than 25° in the southern part of the country.

Rescue workers are still trying to rescue dozens of workers trapped undergroundAn explosion in a coal mine killed 28 people and injured 28 othersIn northwestern Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is visiting today.