February 9, 2023

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Israel has completed the construction of its separation barrier with Gaza

It covers an underground area, prevents the digging of tunnels between the enclave and Israeli soil, and an area at sea.

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On Tuesday, December 7, Israel announced that it had completed the construction of a barrier separating its border from the Gaza Strip under the siege of Hamas. 65 km long and equipped with hundreds of cameras, radars and other sensors, this barrier “Is developing An ‘iron wall’ between the terrorist organization (…). [du Hamas] And residents of southern Israel “, During a ceremony marking the end of more than three years of service, was welcomed by Defense Minister Penny Kants.

This ban, “Technologically Advanced and Innovative Project”, “Gives security to Israeli citizens “, He still promised in a press release from his office. It consists of an underground area, which prevents the digging of tunnels between the enclave and Israeli soil, and a portion of the sea. “Integrated with Remote Control Arming System”. In some places the retaining wall is made up of concrete parts.

Two million Palestinians live in Gaza, a land plagued by poverty and divided between Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean. Tel Aviv has imposed a severe siege on Gaza since the Hamas armed movement seized power in 2007. Both enemies have been involved in four wars since 2008, with 260 killed in Gaza in May 2021. Thirteen people were killed in Israel, including a soldier.