May 30, 2023

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Japan is pushing for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council for Africa

This Sunday, the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio KishidaConfirmed at a summit JapanAfrica in Tunis called for “a historic injustice to be redressed” and for the continent to be granted permanent status. United Nations Security Council.

To “act effectively” and integrate peace and security Africa“Historical injustice urgently needs to be redressed” I amFumio Kishida said via video conference from Tokyo.

in the Security Council in 2023 and 2024

“Japan intends to create an environment where African people can live in peace and security so that the continent can develop,” he explained.

“Japan will strengthen its partnership with Africa” ​​and next year, when it will be on the Security Council with a non-permanent seat (2023 and 2024), it will advocate for reform. It was a “moment of truth for the United Nations,” added the Japanese prime minister, who was based in Tokyo. Covid-19.

Japan to appoint ambassador to Horn of Africa

The Security Council consists of 15 members, including five permanent members (the United States, Russia, China, France and Great Britain), with other positions held by other members of the UN on a two-year cycle.

The “peace and security” component of Japanese aid will fund training of police officers, holding “fair and transparent” elections, good judicial and administrative administration, and assistance with border control.

Fumio Kishida also talked about the situation in the Horn of Africa, which is “worsening due to more refugees and food shortages,” and Japan “appointing an ambassador.”

Nearly $8.3 million in aid

Prime Minister African Union and the Ecowas (Community of West African States) considers their “mediation in preventing conflicts” and “solving transboundary problems” necessary.

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Japan will provide $8.3 million in concrete aid to the Liptoko-Kourma region, which straddles Mali, Burkina-Baso and Niger, to “build good cooperation between residents and local authorities” and “improve administrative services for the 5 million people living in the region.”