May 30, 2023

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Joe Biden announces new US military aid to Ukraine

UN The Security Council adopted the report unanimously for the first time since the outbreak of war

This is the first demonstration of the Security Council’s unity since the beginning of the war. On Friday, the council unanimously issued a statement “Strong support” To the general secretary of the organization “Looking for a peaceful solution” In battle. The proclamation, written by Norway and Mexico, did not go as far as explicitly supporting the mediation of Antonio Guterres, as provided in the first edition of the text of the talks held on Thursday.

Very briefly, the accepted text refers to it “Security Council expresses deep concern over maintaining peace and security in Ukraine”. Fifteen members of the Board recalled “Under the Charter of the United Nations, all member states have a duty to resolve their international conflicts in a peaceful manner.”.

“Today, for the first time, the Security Council speaks out for peace in Ukraine.”The UN President welcomed. “The world must unite to silence guns and uphold the values ​​of the UN Charter.” And “I will not continue to try to save lives, alleviate suffering and find a way to peace.”Antonio Guterres added.

To Juan Ramon de la Fuvente, Mexico’s ambassador to the UN “The first initial step (…) Pointing in the right direction “. “It is encouraging to see diplomacy taking place in the Council.”He also pointed to peace efforts “Peaceful diplomacy can sometimes be more effective than multiple announcements.”.

“The needs and sufferings of the Ukrainian people require the maximum effort of the Council and the Secretary-General and the United Nations.”, Added his Norwegian counterpart Mona Julie. Since mid-April, the UN “Humanitarian Liaison Committee” It revolves around Ukraine, Russia and the United Nations at the same table. So far no use.

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