May 30, 2023

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Joe Biden says he is preparing “efforts” to defend Ukraine against Russia

Joe Biden, Friday, December 3, promised to prepare “attempts” Before an exchange with his counterpart Vladimir Putin planned in the coming days to defend Ukraine in the event of an invasion.

Tells to stay inside “Contact constant” Along with US allies and Ukrainians, the US President said from the White House: “I’m committed to making what I fear will be a set of very comprehensive and relevant initiatives that will make it very, very difficult for people to do what Mr. Putin fears they will do.” “

Joe Biden did not elaborate, answering a question raised after his speech on economics. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said: “I do not think so. “We have a series of tools at our disposal. Of course, sanctions are an option.” He did not respond to a request for comment on possible US military action.

Interview with Biden-Bout on uncertain date

US President and his Russian envoy Will need to change soon Tensions around Ukraine came seven years after Russia annexed Crimea, after pro-Russian separatist forces seized part of the east of the former Soviet republic. But the exact date and methods of this conversation are unknown.

The two met in Geneva last June. But Joe Biden focused mostly on his diplomatic efforts on the US rivalry with China: he held a total of three lengthy discussions with President Xi Jinping, including a multi-hour video conference on November 15.

No doubt about itAmassing tens of thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine, As Washington and Kiev insulted him, Vladimir Putin regained the attention of his US envoy.

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To alleviate the tension, Moscow has called “Security Guarantees” Ensuring that NATO in particular does not expand eastward, especially with the annexation of Ukraine.

Kiev, for its part, has flatly refused to abandon such a membership scheme, which has been on the table formally since 2008. If it joins NATO, the rest of the alliance, the United States, will have to intervene militarily to protect Ukraine. In the event of aggression.

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Question about Ukraine’s NATO membership

Diplomatic training is gentle for Joe Biden. The Democrat certainly wants to be the spokesman for democracy in the face of dictatorial regimes in the world: he is organizing even next week. “Summit of Democracy” Virtual two-day event, initiated by China and Russia. He wants to repair America’s traditional alliances that were undermined by his predecessor, Donald Trump.

But on the other hand, the US president, who has put an end to twenty years of military intervention in Afghanistan, no longer wants to involve US troops in major open conflicts. If he did not show austerity in the strong statements he made publicly against Russia and especially against Vladimir Putin “Killer”Joe Biden could be in practice too. He thus approved a gas pipeline project dear to Moscow, but this angered Ukraine.

Joe Biden did not hide his patience with corruption and governance problems in Ukraine. He promised to welcome Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky at the White House in early September. “Supporting Ukraine’s Sovereignty and Territorial Unity in the Face of Russian Occupation”, But there has been little progress on the exciting topic of NATO membership.

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