June 3, 2023

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Kari Lake has lost her bid for governor of Arizona after being invited by Donald Trump

It was one of the most publicized fights of these medieval times. Trumpist Gary Lake was defeated by his Democratic challenger Katie Hobbs in Arizona’s gubernatorial race on Monday (November 14).

A former television journalist, Kari Lake is one of them “deniers”Republicans claim the 2020 presidential election is rigged. This 53-year-old woman, who goes by the nickname “Trump in Japan” Although the Left has decorated him, he has refused to say whether he will accept the results of the mid-term elections.

After his defeat, On Monday night he tweeted: “Arizonians know when they’re being ripped off. » Donald Trump for his part immediately denounced the validity of the ballot on his Truth social network without any evidence. “Yay! They just stole the election from Kari Lake. It’s so serious!”

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In contrast, Katie Hobbs, who until recently served as Arizona’s secretary of state, was known as a staunch defender of the legitimacy of the last election. This led to threats against Donald Trump and his supporters after the results were released. He had cautioned the electorate against Kari Lake, who was seen as a trouble maker. “Democracy is worth the wait”, she tweeted Monday night. He is unopposed for re-election after Republican Doug Doocy.

During the campaign, Gary Lake, a former news anchor on the local Fox network, parlayed his on-air infamy into political capital, cultivating the image of a rebel touched by kindness. “Corrupt Media”. Immigration, crime, decline… this mother of two took on all of her mentor’s themes.

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His extremism earned him the title “Threat to Democracy” By much of the US press that has already envisioned him as Donald Trump’s potential vice president in 2024.

Trump has become a liability

Katie Hobbs’ victory confirms that Donald Trump’s support in many polls this midterm election has traditionally proven unfavorable to the president’s party.

Democrats retain the Senate, but Republicans could take control of the House of Representatives. On Monday evening, still in Arizona, the “Grand Old Party” (GOP) won two valuable delegate seats in this former Republican stronghold, where Democrats have made gains in the Trump era.

Donald Trump promised “The Biggest Announcement” On Tuesday, his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election should be formalized.

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