June 3, 2023

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Kiev accused Russian forces of firing “more than 20 missiles” just hours before the New Year’s Eve celebration.

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17h06 : “No one will forgive you for terrorism. No one in the world will forgive you. Ukraine will not.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has responded to new Russian attacks targeting Ukraine today. “Those who order and conduct such strikes will not be forgiven, at least.” he added.

16h37 : Information site recalls Meduza.io (in Russian)The Russian Ministry of Defense announced a little earlier “Return from Prison of 82 Russian Soldiers”.

16h37 : In Telegram, Andriy Yermak, chief of staff of the Ukrainian president, reported on the exchange of prisoners between Ukraine and Russia. “This is another great trade that has been successfully completed – 140 go home”, he wrote. Of these, freed Ukrainians are notable “Defenders of Mariupol”, He mentions.

16h09 : Alert result in Kiev. This is how I spent the last 3 hours and 13 minutes sheltering from Russian missiles. This is the daily life of the Keywans.

16h09 : Another gruesome video shared by Kyrylo Tymoshenko, Deputy Head of the President’s Office, in Protasiv Yar district, showing the aftermath of a missile strike against Kyiv. The warning is not over, and missiles may strike. People are asked to stay in shelters.

16h08 : On Twitter, a video shared by Ukrainian presidential adviser Kyrylo Tymoshenko shows a journalist broadcasting the impact of the strike at QQ today.

15h55 : Here’s the outfit Vladimir Putin chose to present his New Year’s greetings. Soldiers will wear the striped t-shirt of Russian paratroopers.


15h58 : In Telegram, Ukrainian Chief of Staff Valery Salushny clarifies that these missiles were launched from the ground and by strategic bombers flying over the Caspian Sea. At least one person in Q was killed in these blasts.

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15h24 : The Ukrainian military announced that Russian forces fired 20 missiles, of which 12 were shot down.

14h09 : It’s 2 PM and here’s the point of the message:

A A new wave of Russian missiles killed at least one person Many were injured in Kiev and other regions.

• Former Pope Benedict XVI, who made history when he abdicated in 2013, died this morning at the age of 95. Return The journey of this conservative clergyman.

• Under the influence of global warming, today is unusually warm. “This December 31 will become the sweetest day on record”, A forecaster explained to us yesterday.

• Finistère (wind, flooding, rain-flooding) and Pas-de-Calais (flooding) have been placed on orange alert by Météo France.

• France imposes a Negative screening obligation for travelers from China. The United Kingdom and Spain have done the same “prudence”.

14h01 : The Alphavido Hotel in Kiev was partially destroyed in the strike, according to these images just released by presidential adviser Kirilo Tymoshenko.

(Grylo Tymoshenko/Telegram)

14h09 : Strikes were also reported in the Zaporizhia region, where residential buildings were damaged, according to Kirill Tymoshenko, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky.

13h50 : Shelling also took place in other areas. Khmelnytskyi region reports that four people were injured Governor Sergey Kamali. and Mykolev, Governor Vitaly Kim Two give the image of wounded, one seriously.

14h10 : At least one person died in strikes in Solomyanska district, Kyiv. Mayor Vitali Klitschko announces. Three injured women were being cared for in the same district of the capital.

14h10 : More and more Ukrainians want to study their country’s history more closely. As our journalist Agade Mahut tells us, the courses offered at the National History Museum of Ukraine are packed every weekend. Here is his statement.

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Irina is presenting a course on the history of Ukraine at the National History Museum in Kew in December 2022.  (Agathe Mahout / Radio France)

(Agathe Mahuet / Radio France)

14h11 : Russian President Vladimir Putin affirms in his oath “Moral and Historical Correct” There is “on the side” Russia’s full offensive in Ukraine. According to him, last year was strong “Really decisive and important events” WHO “Lay the foundation (…) for our true freedom”.

13h26 : On Telegram, Kyiv mayor gives new details. One of the explosions sounded in the Solomyanska district, and the others occurred in Bechersk (historical center) and Holozivskyi. Rescuers and medics are on their way, he announces.

1:16 p.m : A series of loud explosions in Kyiv. Still happening. The view from my window after the air defense apparently shot something down. https://t.co/eWXizhFRCl

1:16 p.m : Eleventh wave of missiles now in Kiev. Multiple explosions.

1:16 p.m : Today I was cooking for the New Year when I heard two explosions near my house. Several explosions were also reported in Kiev and other cities. Thanks for a festive mood, Russia

14h15 : Many media persons present at the place also report these explosions. “Thanks for the festive atmosphere”, Bings is a Ukrainian reporter. A journalist The Washington Post A trigger “A series of very loud explosions”.

1:14 p.m : In Telegram, the mayor of the city Vitaly KlitschkoCalls for residents to stay in shelters and triggers outbreaks.

14h16 : Several explosions were heard in Kiev, AFP reported