March 22, 2023

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Kyiv demands ‘fire equality’ with the Russians after the withdrawal of Sverdlovsk

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Au 122e Day, or four months War in UkraineFighting continues in the east of the country. Ukraine has withdrawn its troops after weeks of heavy fighting in the city of Sverdlovsk. However, kyiv urges its allies to give in. “Fire Equality“With Russian forces through an artillery reinforcement,”StabilizerCondition of Donbass. Le Picaro Participates this Saturday, June 25th.

Order to withdraw from Severodonetsk

On Friday morning, Sergei Kaita, governor of the Lukansk (eastern) province, where Siverodonetsk is located, announced in a telegram that there were Ukrainian armed forces. “Order received” Have to leave the city. ⁇It does not make sense to be in positions that have been bombed for months on end“, He declared. In this strategic lock of the region,”D.OhAll important infrastructure has been destroyedBy series of explosions. 90% of the city is damaged and 80% of the houses are to be destroyed“, He says.

Before this Donbass,Ukrainian units are exhausted, bloodless. The battalions were completely neutralized and suffered terrible lossesAn unnamed senior French official explains that only twenty valid persons remain in the units of 300 or 400 people.

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kyiv asks for more cannons

Ukraine, which continues to demand more heavy weapons from its allies to counter the Russian strike force, reiterated the call on Friday evening.StabilizerEast Home. “I stressed the need to achieve fire equality with the enemy, which would allow Lukansk to stabilize the situation in the most threatened region.“On Friday evening, the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Zalushny reported on his Facebook page in a telephone conversation with his US envoy, General Mark Milli.

The announcement of the White House was welcomed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky.New military aidUS $ 450 million. “Support this“This includes the distribution of additional Himmers rocket launchers.”More important now than ever“, He commented on Twitter.

Attack on Gerson

An official of the Russian-occupied occupation administration in the Russian-controlled southern city of Gershon was killed in an attack on Friday. This is the first time pro-Russian officials have announced that one of their representatives has been killed in a similar attack, which is on the rise.

On Wednesday, a pro-Russian officer in the Tchornobaïvka townhall escaped from a bomb blast in the lane of his car. A few days ago, the head of prison operations in the Kerson region was wounded in a bomb attack, while Ukrainian forces returned to attack the area in an attempt to retake lost territory.

For its part, Ukrainian civil servants welcomed the relative victory of its troops in the southern region, forcing the Russians to withdraw from their defensive positions near the village of Olhein.

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Lysytchansk prepares for the arrival of the Russians

The city of Lycitansk, adjacent to Siverodonetsk, is preparing for the arrival of the Russians. The pro-Russian leader said it would take more than a week to control the city. The main police station was closed after the blast on Monday. At the entrance to the city, somewhat without water, gas and electricity, Ukrainian soldiers are digging trenches.

Ukraine’s candidacy for the European Union: aAggressive approach According to Moscow

Russian diplomacy on Friday condemned the end of the twenty-seventh To grant EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, A choiceThe geopolitical monopoly of the CIS space (Commonwealth of Independent States uniting several countries of the former Soviet Union, the author notes) confirms that Russia continues to actively control itself.Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

According to a Russian official, the European UnionEstablishing relations with neighboring regions based on employer-slave policy“Brussels, he insists.”Methods of political and economic threatAnd the candidate must put pressure on the statesIllegal sanctionsAgainst Moscow. “This aggressive attitude of the EU has the potential to create new divisions and deeper crises in Europe.“, She continued.

A G7 is scheduled for Sunday

Three days after recognizing Ukraine and Moldova as EU candidates, Western leaders will try to close teams against Russia at two important summits and maintain their unity: G7 in NATO in Madrid from Sunday, June 28 to June 30.

Civilian and military casualties

There is no overall assessment of the civilians affected by the conflict, which is certainly very serious. At the military level, Western security sources say between 15,000 and 20,000 Russian soldiers were killed. Ukrainian forces lose about 100 soldiers every day, according to kyiv. No independent statistics available.

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The Russian military said Friday.High precision weaponsMore than 200 foreign mercenaries and hundreds of Ukrainian nationalists are in the Mykolaiv region (south) and Kharkiv (northeast).

One-third of Ukrainians who are displaced or refugees

According to the United Nations, more than seven million Ukrainians have been displaced in the country. With this, 7.7 million people have fled abroad. Prior to the Russian invasion, 37 million people in Ukraine were under Q-controlled control, especially in 2014, when they were cut off from Crimea, which was annexed by Moscow.

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