June 2, 2023

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Kyiv demands Russia’s withdrawal from UN

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3:30 p.m : This provision of the Security Council also explains why the latter has not yet condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Last September, Moscow again used its veto power to block a vote on the resolution. UN on its website (in English).

15h44 : Bonger @fefenne76, can be seen from this angle, but here are some clarifications. At the UN Security Council, a resolution can only be passed if it receives at least nine votes out of the fifteen member states. But within this council, only five countries, including Russia, are so-called “permanent” members and thus have veto power, preventing a vote on a resolution.

15h20 : If I understand a permanent member can do whatever he wants, no fear?

14h58 : UN Since Moscow has veto power in the Security Council and can veto its own exclusion, the request made by Kyiv is unlikely to succeed.

14h52 : Kyiv is demanding Russia’s expulsion from the UN and its Security Council due to the Russian military’s invasion of the country.

15h01 : Taking messages into account is more than time, here it is:

Best-selling novelist Fran├žois BordinOne of the most read books in France, with more than 15 million books sold, He died yesterday At the age of 70, announced the publishing group Editis.

69-year-old man in custody Suspected of killing three Kurds in Paris on Friday has been lifted. The suspect will appear before an investigating judge for possible indictment, the Paris prosecutor’s office said.

Three deaths have since been reported Ukraine drone attack on Russian air force baseBombers accused of shelling Ukraine stopped

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Unveiled on Christmas Eve, the new unemployment insurance reform, which cuts the compensation period by 40% if the unemployment rate is below 6%, has raised the ire of unions. “It’s a question of any unemployed person assuming it’s their fault. (…) It’s an ideological position, an order of collective punishment. It’s unacceptable”, Condemned Fran├žois Homerille (CFE-CGC) France Inter.

14h47 : On the Russian side, the FSB (the country’s secret service) announced today that it had been removed “Team of Saboteurs” Who are Ukrainians? “tried” To enter Russia in the Bryansk region on December 25. The announcement comes as Russia suffered a fresh deadly attack on its soil this morning, when it struck the Engels military airfield in the Saratov region.

09h11 : “People had nothing until we arrived! No medicine, no caregivers. And many were elderly, with chronic illnesses.”

In villages recently liberated from the Russian military in eastern Ukraine, many residents have been without sanitation for months. They are Watch them return with relief Radio France’s Special Correspondent Agathe Mahout explains that certain medical services, especially thanks to the non-governmental Doctors Without Borders.

(Agathe Mahout / Radio France)

09h34 : It’s 9 o’clock! Let’s look at the message:

The 69-year-old man is suspected of killing three Kurds and wounding three more in Paris on Friday. He will be produced before the trial magistrate today For possible prosecution.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said yesterday that Ukraine plans to call for the removal of Russia as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. The powerful 15-member Security Council is tasked with dealing with global crises by passing economic sanctions, authorizing military action and approving changes to the UN Charter. Follow our life.

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General Practitioners and Specialists Called to close Their training for a week from today. They demand that the tips be revalued to 50 euros and denounce their substandard working conditions.

A winter storm, carrying icy winds, battered the central and eastern United States for several days. More than 30 people died Tens of thousands of Americans were without power on Christmas Day. Some victims were found in cars, while others were found on the street in the middle of the snow.

07h48 : Yesterday Vladimir Putin tried to justify the Kremlin’s military offensive against Ukraine. “Everything is based on the policy of our geopolitical enemies, who aim to divide Russia, historical Russia”condemned the Russian president in an interview, a small extract of which was made public by public television.


07h47 : The day after Vladimir Putin’s new statements against the West, the UN Ukraine will demand Russia’s expulsion from the Security Council today. “We have a very simple question: Does Russia have the right to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council and to be in the UN?” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said last night.

07h26 : Russian air defense forces shot down a Ukrainian drone as it approached an airbase in southern Russia. “Three Russian technicians at airport seriously injured following drone crash”, Russian news agency TASS reported, citing the Defense Ministry.