June 2, 2023

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kyiv re-bombing; More than 260 children have been killed since the start of the Russian offensive

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COVER: Saturday, June 4, 2022, children play in front of a demolished building in the village of Horenka, near Kiev. Sergey CHUZAVKOV / AFP

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  • A Siverodonetsk, Each side claims progress on the ground. Ukrainian forces are trying“Restore full control” The city mayor, Alexander Stroke, has promised that street fighting will continue. Russia’s Defense Ministry says Ukrainian troops are withdrawing from Siverodonetsk. “Suffered heavy casualties in the war”.
  • In the area of GersonUkraine leads the counterattack. “Residents leave the village of Trudoliepivka” And Russian forces “Continued bombing of occupied territories and positions of the Ukrainian army”The Ukrainian president has promised to warn of an increasingly urgent humanitarian crisis in areas controlled by the Russians.
  • Further south, kyiv reported that a Russian ship missile had struck an agricultural business in the main portOdessa. According to initial reports, the attack was attributed to two people“Victims”. A MycologyThe mayor announced that at least three civilians had been killed in a Russian bombing.
  • Ukrainian diplomat Dmitry Kuleba has rejected calls from French President Emmanuel Macron. “Shame” RussiaJudgment that this condition is only possible“France in disgrace”.
  • Published by U.S. Army Chief General Mark Millie US commitment to support Sweden and Finland before joining NATOOn the USS ship GearchargeLargest U.S. warship docked at Stockholm Harbor.
  • Kyiv has announced the death of four foreign volunteers who came to fight with Russian troops. One German, one Frenchman, one Australian and one Dutchman were killed, according to Ukraine’s International Security Forces, which did not say where or when. Paris was The death of a Frenchman was confirmed on FridayAccording to newspapers in the Kharkiv region, the devastated.
  • For more than three months, The war was forced “Nearly 14 million Ukrainians have fled their homesThe majority are women and children “Amin Awad, the UN coordinator in Ukraine, condemned the incident on Friday.“Unprecedented in history”.

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