June 1, 2023

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Kyiv says it has identified “a few thousand” war crimes cases in Donbass …

Afternoon 1:36 .: War makes little impact on computer crime

Guillaume Poupard, director general of Ansi, the French cybersecurity agency, estimated on Tuesday that the war between Russia and Ukraine had had only a small impact on the activities of groups that specialize in computer crimes around the world.

During a cybersecurity event organized by the Thales in Paris on “Criminal Events Impact on the Edge of Conflict” and “We Should Not Be Promised”, we should use it to reduce our security and reduce Guillob Bobard. . At the outset of the conflict, a fight between pro-Russian hackers and pro-Ukrainian hackers within the Kandy ransomware group may have led to the belief that the next “disappearance of a painful actor” would be Guillob Bobert.

But Conte reappeared, lamenting that “Costa Rica has shown the ability to bring an entire country to its knees and has declared a state of emergency due to criminal attacks against its administration.” In connection with the attacks on the states, Guillaume Poupard noted that there is currently a “concentration of Russian effort on Ukraine”. In the face of this attack, he added, “we see a very strong backlash in Ukraine, which gives us hope.”