February 9, 2023

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“Libe” journalist attacked by police in Tunisia – released

Tunisia after Ben AliDocument

Our correspondent Mathieu Galtier was severely beaten by several police officers while gathering news during a demonstration against President Kaïs Saeed on Friday. The press administration strongly condemns the attack.

There has been a protest against the president Guys Syed, Friday, Reporter Release In Tunis, Matthew Caldier was attacked by police. The meeting was officially banned for health reasons. Despite security forces’ roadblocks, a few hundred people gathered early in the afternoon at the Place de l’Harroz, the focal point of Borguia Avenue in central Tunis. At least 1,200, according to the Interior Ministry. At 2:45 p.m., protesters were dispersed by water cannon and tear gas canisters.

Moments later, Matthew Caldier was filming a protester’s muscle on his cellphone when he was attacked by a uniformed police officer. “I replied to him in French and Arabic that I was a journalist. Details of the reporter Release. He tried to pick up my phone which I had not secured. Other officers then lifted him and dragged him between two vans. “They started beating me everywhere, I was on the floor, curled up in a pregnant position, I was screaming like a journalist. One of them sprayed gas from near me. They hit me. Finally, they took my phone and my newspaper and left me there. .

“We all tasted this Friday”

Matthew Caldier was taken care of by firefighters and given first aid. “When I opened my eyes, a policeman was waiting for me with my belongings to come with me to the police station on Ibn Kaltoon Street.” A dozen protesters were arrested, sitting on the ground in the lobby of the police station. “After a few minutes, they said to me, ‘You can leave.’ They returned my mobile, but not my SD card containing my pictures and videos.

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In the emergency room of a clinic in Tunis, the doctor recommended a journalist who had lived in Tunisia for six years. “Fifteen Days Holiday” And discovered “Scratch with a diameter of 10 cm” On the forehead, a “Injury” In the right hand, “Injuries to the back, upper and lower abdomen” And one “Left leg edema”.

“We all tasted this Friday, A French photographer also claims to have been at the protest, beating himself up in the crowd. The situation was tense when protesters forced the first roadblock. There was such a disparity between the small number of protesters and the size of the police force! This is the first time in ten years that I have seen such clashes in Tunis. During the protest, at least one Italian journalist was arrested, according to Natalia Roman, president of the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of North Africa, who launched a survey of police abuses against the press on Friday. “Coordinate an action” With the National Union of Tunisian Journalists. The demonstration marked the 11th anniversary of the fall Jain L-Abidin Ben Ali.

Direction Release Strongly condemns the attack on his journalist. The exceptional situation enjoyed by Tunisia does not in any way justify restricting press freedom, while the impunity of previous police violence against members of the press in Tunisia demonstrates a lack of political will to protect the only credible journalists. Source of information in place. Release The Tunisian ambassador to Paris, Mr. Mohamed Kareem recorded an official protest with Jamussi and demanded that his photo documents be immediately returned to our journalist and that an investigation be launched into those who attacked him.

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