June 1, 2023

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LIVE – Elizabeth II’s coffin en route to Edinburgh

The flag of the monarchy in Scotland covers the coffin of Elizabeth II

The Queen’s coffin is draped in a yellow flag with a red lion. It is the flag of the monarchy in Scotland and is flown at Balmoral.

A flower garland was also placed on his body.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Balmoral, Scotland on September 11, 2022 © BFMTV

Elizabeth II’s coffin leaves Balmoral Castle

The remains of Elizabeth II passed through the gates of Balmoral Castle, the sovereign’s summer home where she died, on Thursday.

A 280km journey to Edinburgh awaits him.

‘Tragedy’, ‘history’: Scots gather to ‘give thanks’ to Elizabeth II

Scots are already waiting for the Queen’s funeral procession to pay their last respects.

“It’s sad but it’s a historic moment,” the Aberdeen resident told BFMTV.

For most, presence is paramount. The idea: to “give thanks” to their sovereign.

Children wait to pass the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Balearic, Scotland on September 11, 2022.
Children wait by the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Ballater, Scotland on September 11, 2022 © Paul Ellis / AFP

Elizabeth II’s coffin will leave Balmoral at 11am.

Queen Elizabeth II’s remains will leave Balmoral Castle for Edinburgh on a 6-hour long procession. Departs around 11 am.

After the death of Elizabeth II London florists were out of stock

Flowers are hard to come by in London. With the death of the Queen, many Britons want to buy a wreath to pay tribute to their sovereign for more than 70 years. But florists are shocked and stock is running low.

“We opened a little early this morning. The phone is ringing a lot today,” says a florist into BFMTV’s microphone.

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Which way will the Queen’s funeral go this Sunday?

The coffin of Elizabeth II, who died in her Scottish home of Balmoral on Thursday, will be carried across Scotland this Sunday to reach Edinburgh, where members of the public can pay their first respects to the monarch.

He leaves Balmoral this Sunday at 11am and arrives in Edinburgh at 5pm.

Queen Elizabeth II's coffin will cross Scotland this Sunday, September 11, 2022.
Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will cross Scotland this Sunday, September 11, 2022 © BFMTV

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Scots prepare to bid farewell to Queen

An important step. In Ballater, Scotland, 15 minutes from Balmoral Castle, where Elizabeth II’s body now rests, residents wait for their queen’s funeral procession.

Some Scots arrived last night and slept in their cars so as not to miss the coffin’s route to Edinburgh.

William, Harry, Kate and Meghan united ahead of the Queen’s funeral

Princes William and Harry and their wives Kate and Meghan made a surprise appearance on Saturday by sharing a walk near Windsor Castle, an unprecedented joint appearance since 2020, to pay tribute to Elizabeth II on September 19.

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Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held in London on September 19

The date is fixed. Buckingham Palace announced on Saturday that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Scotland, who died on Thursday, will take place in London on Monday, September 19.

World leaders are expected to attend the funeral at Westminster Abbey at 12 noon French time. His son, King Charles III, who succeeded him, declared a public holiday in England for the occasion.

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Crowds expected during Queen Elizabeth II’s last visit

The Royal Hearse leaves Balmoral this Sunday and arrives in Edinburgh after a journey of almost 300 kilometres.

A huge crowd is expected to pay their last respects to the ruler of more than 70 years on the way to the funeral procession.

However, well-wishers were asked not to throw flowers as the convoy passed so as not to disturb the precise arrangement of the sovereign’s last journey.

The Queen’s coffin leaves Balmoral this Sunday morning

Elizabeth II’s coffin will be carried across Scotland this Sunday to reach Edinburgh, where members of the public can pay their first respects to the monarch.

The coffin, which has been kept at Balmoral since his death, will first leave Balmoral at 11am French time to reach Balleter, a neighboring village in Scotland’s third largest city, Aberdeen.

After a six-hour journey, the Queen’s coffin will arrive at the Palace of Holyroodhouse at 5:00pm.


Welcome to this live tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as her coffin awaits in Edinburgh this Sunday.