June 1, 2023

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LIVE – Eurovision 2022: Måneskin, last year’s winners, back on stage

Meneskin, last year’s winner, is back on stage

According to tradition, last year’s winners came to perform a song on the Eurovision stage.

Maneskin © YouTube Screenshot

The end of the benefits, the place to vote!

With 25 candidates active, it is time for the international community to vote.

The Moldovan band ignites the stage

Zdob & Zdub & Advahov Brothers, Moldavian Group, is one of the surprises of this 66th edition of Eurovision. Despite predicting that the bettors would be eliminated in the first semi-final, they were able to qualify. Their humorous page undoubtedly served them well: their piece, between rap, accordion and wild dance, was loud in the room.

The colors of the Ukrainian flag appeared concise

The performance of the Ukrainians of the Kalush band ended in blue and then yellow, in the colors of their flag. The team’s participation in the tournament took place under special conditions: since February, Europe has lived up to the rhythm of Russia’s violent attack on Ukraine.

The most favorite Ukrainian team of the tournament is coming to the stage

This is undoubtedly the most anticipated show of the evening. The Ukrainians of the competition’s favorite Kalush band, who had to leave their country during the war to gain special recognition, performed their song.

Kalush Band
Kalush Band © YouTube Screenshot

Three years after his first participation in the Italian Mahmoud

Mahmoud reached number two on Eurovision in 2019 with his song Money. He is representing his country again tonight ColdHe sang a duet with his friend Blanco.

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Roslyn Bachelot sends her support to Alvan & Ahes

The French delegation to Eurovision 2022 received the support of Roslyn Bachelot. On Twitter, the Minister of Culture of the Costex government expressed his excitement after their performance: “It was great! We are with you”.

Around France!

Alvan & Ahes finished 6th on the stage of the Eurovision 2022 final. The French team explains its title in Breton, Fullen, Against the backdrop of a pyrotechnic show. Is the loud cheering of the audience a good sign?

Do you remember them?

You may be familiar with the face of the singer on the band representing Finland. For good reason: This is the group Rasmus, which became an international hit in 2003 with the song In the Shadows. They return to the Eurovision show with “Jezebel”.

Singer of The Rosmas
Singer of The Rosmas © YouTube Screenshot

The moment was paused with the song “Saudade Saudade” by Portugal

Singer Maro wowed the audience with his folk song. Saudat Health.

Shows begin!

The ball started with the Czech Republic and the We Are Tommy team, which explains its title Turn off the lights .

We are Tommy singer
The We Are Tommy Singer © YouTube Screenshot

A brief reminder of the rules …

A little reminder with three aides: each participating country can vote … but not for itself.

Three of the animators
All three animators © YouTube Screenshot

The first appearance of the French during the procession of flags

Alvan & Ahes, French candidates, appeared on stage for the parade of flags.

Alvan & Ahes
Alvan & Ahes © Screenshot France 2

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The show begins!

It starts at 9pm with the Eurovision 2022 final at the Pala Olympic in Turin. Follow the evening with BFMTV.com.

Who is presenting this 66th edition of Eurovision?

This year, Laura Poussini, singer Mika and Italian television personality Alessandro Cattelon will perform on stage at the Pala Olympic in Turin. French commentaries by Stephen Bern and Lawrence Pocolini.

Who are the 25 countries competing?

A total of 25 nations will compete against each other on Saturday evening. Twenty of them were selected during the two semifinals, Tuesday, May 10 and Thursday, May 12. The Big Five, the competition’s largest financial contributors, are automatically eligible for this list. They are France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

How to watch the final?

It airs live on France 2 from 9pm and hosts Stephen BernLawrence Pocolini, who first presented the evening in 2010 and commentates on the Eurovision Song Contest for the second year in a row.

The official Eurovision YouTube account also broadcasts live the event presented in Turin Micah And Laura Poussini, from the Pala Olympic Stadium.

What is the run order of the candidates?

It is less trivial than it appears, and in the evening the order of the passage can play a role in the final classification.

The Czech Republic opens the ball tonight Turn off the lights, We performed by Tommy. The French move to sixth and the Ukrainians to twelfth.

Who are the favorites in the few hours since the final?

If Ukraine dominates this year’s predictions, other candidates, certainly far behind, will occupy the platform of bookmakers.

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Sweden and Great Britain compete for second place. A big revenge for the British who last arrived at Eurovision in 2021 and were represented by Sam Ryder this year.

Italy follows Mahmoud & Blanco and the Spanish Channel.

We’m never safe from a good surprise, but the French are far behind in the rankings with their song Fullen.

Alvan & Ahes represent France

“Adrenaline takes precedence over stress,” Frenchman Alvan & Ahes told us on Thursday. Candidates who sing in Britain, if there is a heavy task to be won after the Barbara break that gave France second place in Rotterdam last year, they take this participation with philosophy.

They “do not think about the rankings” and promise: “This is not fear, this is Kif”.

Ukrainians, the most favorite

You may be wondering if they have not already succeeded. According to bookmakers’ predictions, the Kalush Orchestra, which will represent Ukraine at Eurovision this year, has a 60% chance of winning.

Explains StefaniaThe leader of the group wrote a tribute to his mother, which has become a true anthem of the motherland.

Their reputation was such that they were treated to a real “standing handcuff” for their appearance on stage during the first semifinal.

“Looking at Ukraine, during the first semi-final, go on stage, 10,000 people stood up and shouted, tears in their eyes …”, thus raised on BFMTV. Michael is a singerIt offers Eurovision in Turin.