June 3, 2023

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LIVE – The fire in Morbihan, at the level of the Prosiliante forest, has burned 180 hectares

Brittany: Fire at Morbihan at the level of the forest of Prosiliante

180 hectares have already burned in Morbihan, where a fire broke out overnight from Thursday to Friday in the department of Campenac at the level of the Prosiliante forest.

More than a hundred firefighters are currently mobilized and, according to our colleagues, reinforcements are expected from Ille-et-Vilaine. telegram. Evacuations have taken place, but the number of displaced people is unknown at this stage.

In the Gironde, the fire made some progress last night

Vice-president of Arcachon Ronan Léaustic takes charge of the situation in the Gironde this Friday morning, having fought against the flames for another night. It noted that 7400 hectares had burned but that there had been “no significant progress” on the fire overnight.

Arcachon’s vice-captain indicated that further European reinforcements “will be committed to the ground today”.

Map. Areas that have burned in the Gironde since the beginning of summer

20,800 hectares in July, adding to the 7,400 hectares already burned in August. The Gironde region has been the hardest hit by the fires that have hit France since the start of the summer.

After the Landiras and Teste-de-Buch sectors, the situation is now critical in the Hostens sector. 10,000 people have been evacuated as a precaution since Tuesday.

More than 28,000 hectares in the Gironde have become smoke zones since the start of summer. © Copernicus Ephesus

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Fire in the Gironde: Firefighters approaching the fire

Near the flames. Firefighters in France yesterday filmed the impact of a fire that continues to spread in the Gironde region.

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More than 7,400 hectares have burned since Tuesday and 10,000 people have been evacuated, including the people of Belin-Peliot.

The methods used by the European reinforcements become clear

European reinforcements are expected this Friday to help French firefighters battle the blazes ravaging the country.

In the Gironde, the land resources of Germany, Romania, Poland and Austria are soon to be used up, as more than 7,400 hectares have become smoke zones. Greece and Italy will provide air support.

In Brittany, two Swedish Air Tractor water bombers landed in Vonne last night, where the crews were greeted by the Governor. They will begin the next few days to fight the disasters in Finistère and Morbihan.

7400 hectares burned in the Gironde where European reinforcements were expected

Tuesday’s fire in the Gironde burned a total of 7,400 hectares. 361 men and women and 101 vehicles were called in as reinforcements from abroad, particularly Germany, Poland and Romania.

A total of 10,000 people have been evacuated since the fires started again.

660 hectares burned in the Jura

Hello everyone and welcome to this live dedicated to the fires affecting France. There were two fires in Jura.

The first, located in Rabat Division, is already 500 hectares in area, while the second, located in Karnod, is stable. 160 hectares have been burnt here.

A total of 150 firefighters and 32 gendarmes were deployed that night.


Welcome to this live show dedicated to the fight against the fires currently raging in France.