May 30, 2023

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Live – Ukraine: At least five civilians killed and 12 injured in bombings in Donetsk

A shelling in Donetsk has killed at least five civilians and injured 12 others

A pro-Russian local official said in a statement that at least five civilians were killed and 12 wounded in a shelling attack in Donetsk, a separatist east of Ukraine.

“As a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces, five people were killed and 12 wounded in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR),” a public servant of the local authorities said in a telegram.

Boris Johnson believes Ukraine ‘can’ and ‘do’ the next Eurovision

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday expressed support for Ukraine hosting the next edition of the Eurovision, saying the event could be organized despite the conflict. ReutersDue to the conflict with Russia the organization of the show may be removed from Ukraine and return to Great Britain.

“Of course I (Eurovision) want it to happen (in Great Britain), but the truth is (Ukraine) won and they deserve to organize it. I think they can keep it, I think she should keep it,” he said.

“I think Kiev or any other safe Ukrainian city would be the right place,” he said, promising that the tournament would take place only “in a year”.

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The European Union (EU) has accused Russia of threatening the world with famine

European diplomat Joseph Borel on Saturday accused Russia of endangering the world by endangering grain exports from Ukraine and restricting its own exports.

“We are ready to work with the UN to prevent the undesirable impact of our sanctions on global food security,” Joseph Borel promised in an article on his official blog.

The head of European diplomacy condemns Russia’s conscious political will to ‘militarize’ grain exports in Ukraine and use it as a threatening tool against anyone who opposes its occupation.

Volodymyr Zhelenxi travels to the city of Mykolyiv in southern Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, who has rarely traveled outside the capital Q since the start of the Russian invasion, visited the Mykoliv region of southern Ukraine for the first time this Saturday.

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A video released by the Ukrainian presidency shows him inspecting a badly damaged residential building and holding meetings with local officials.

Mykolaiv, a port and industrial city of nearly half a million people before the war, is still under Ukrainian control, but it is close to the Russian-occupied Kherson region. It is a Moscow destination because it is located 130 km southwest of Odessa, the largest port in Ukraine.

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Lukansk governor condemned the “fierce wars” near Severodonetsk

Ukrainian authorities on Saturday declared “fierce fighting” in villages near the city of Severdonetsk (east), with Russian troops trying to take control for weeks.

“Currently fierce battles are taking place near Severdonetsk. (The Russians) have not completely taken control of the city,” Sergei Guido, governor of the eastern Lukansk region, told the Telegram.

“In the neighboring villages, the fighting is very difficult – in Toshkievskaya, Solot. They try to break in but fail,” he said.

German criminal police are investigating hundreds of war crimes in Ukraine

The German Federal Criminal Police (BKA) said on Saturday that it was investigating several hundred potential Russian war crimes in Ukraine and was looking for military and political leaders in these crimes.

“So far we have received hundreds of clues in this direction,” BKA leader Holger Munch told the Associated Press. Sunday World.

Their investigation focuses not only on war criminals, but also on military and political leaders who have committed these crimes.

Holger Munch promised that “our clear objective is to find those responsible for the atrocities, to prove their actions through our investigations, and to bring them to justice, including in Germany.”

In Q, a crowd gathers at the funeral of a young Ukrainian activist who was actively killed

Hundreds of people attended the funeral of a young Ukrainian activist killed east of the Saint-Michel-au-Dôme-d’Or monastery in central Q this Saturday. European ground.

Roman Radochny, a prominent anti-corruption activist, died on June 9 near the Isiam in the Kharkiv region.

He was one of the first students to protest in Independence Square at the end of 2013, having fought in the Ukrainian army like many civilians since the start of the Russian offensive. It launched the pro-European Maidan anti-Russian movement in 2014 that led to the ouster of pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych.

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The first concert at the Odessa Opera since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Odessa Opera hosted a gala concert on Friday, the first such event since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The event was dedicated to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This is the first visit to the Odessa Opera in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on June 17, 2022.

The Ukrainian doctor who filmed the horrors of war with an on-board camera has been released by the Russians.

The company says Ukrainian doctor Yulia Pivska, who was arrested by the Russians after filming her daily interactions with the wounded with an on-board camera, has been released. Associated Press.

Nicknamed Tyra in Ukraine, he recorded 256 GB of pictures of those wounded in the aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the two weeks leading up to his arrest on March 10.

Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed his release on his latest daily video address.

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The Russians have tightened their grip on Ukraine’s mainland, Snake Island

The Russian military has strengthened its grip on Snake Island in the Black Sea, deployed a number of security systems, suggesting that it does not want to give up easily on this strategic point despite threats from new artillery systems and a Ukrainian missile attack.

Recent open-source satellite images of the island off the coast of Ukraine and Romania make it possible to distinguish air defense systems from various surfaces, and the Russians have installed them on nearby ships to further strengthen the security bubble.

“They have recently confirmed their position by placing airborne systems from various ground on the island and surrounding buildings,” an anonymous French military source analyzed.

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Russian public television broadcasts videos of two Americans missing in Ukraine

A Russian public television channel on Friday aired videos on social media of two Americans who went missing after volunteering to fight with Ukrainian forces.

On Friday evening, Russian journalist Roman Kozarev, who works with the Russian public television channel RT, sent a video of one of the two Americans speaking in front of the camera on the telegram.

“Mom, I want to tell you that I’m alive and will be going home soon,” said Alexander Drook, sitting in an office with military exhaustion.

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In Donbass, Severodonetsk, the target of the Russian fire

In Donbass, fighting has been raging for weeks over the two main cities for the control of the Donbass, namely Severodonetsk and Lysitshansk. In the Lukansk region “the worst place in the Chevrolet Donetsk” and in the city “fighting is hard”, Russian forces bombed houses, “destroyed the city”, a Governor Sergei Guido mentioned this on his Telegram channel.

More than 500 civilians, including 38 children, along with Ukrainian soldiers have taken refuge in the large Azot chemical plant in Severdonetsk, where they “refused to leave,” he said. “They think it’s safe to stay there. We tried to talk to them but they did not want to.”

Zhelensky hailed Ukraine as ‘the first step on the path to EU membership’

On Friday the European Commission recommended that Ukraine be granted EU candidate status. His comments will be discussed at a European summit on Thursday and Friday, where 27 EU leaders will be given the green light to – unanimously – kyiv officially gain this status.

At the summit, he told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, “expecting a positive outcome, that this is the first step on the path to EU membership. Ukraine” deserves this positive news. ” .

“Our good relations with the European Union are not only positive for us, they are a great contribution to the future of Europe over the years,” he added.