January 31, 2023

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LIVE – Ukraine: Nobel laureate says peace can’t be achieved by “laying down arms”.


Odessa without electricity

Complex situation this Saturday evening in Odessa. About 1.5 million people in the city and its region in southern Ukraine were left without electricity following Russian attacks using Iranian suicide bombers, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

The services of the regional administration indicated that it would take “weeks” to repair the energy networks following the strikes carried out the previous night and urged residents of this major port city to leave the region. “The situation in the Odesa region is very difficult. After the night attacks of Iranian drones, Odesa and other cities and towns in the region are plunged into darkness,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his video daily on social media.

“At the moment, more than one and a half million people in the Odessa region are without electricity. Only essential infrastructure is connected – when there is electricity,” he added.

Supported by Victor Bott

Russian arms dealer Viktor Bode, freed in an exchange with Washington for American basketball player Brittney Kreiner, on Saturday pledged his support for Vladimir Putin and the attack in Ukraine.

In an interview with Russian media outlet RT, he confirmed that he “always” kept a portrait of Vladimir Putin in his cell while in prison in the United States, where he was sentenced to 25 years in prison after his arrest in Thailand in 2008.

“I’m proud to be Russian, our president is Putin,” he said. The 55-year-old former Soviet military officer also said he “fully” supports an attack on the Kremlin in Ukraine. “If I have the opportunity and the necessary skills, I will volunteer (to fight in Ukraine),” he said, adding that he “doesn’t understand” that Moscow’s massive offensive has not been available since 2014.

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Nobel Peace Prize

Ukrainian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Vladimir Putin believes peace in his country cannot be achieved by “laying down arms” against Russia. “Ukrainians want peace more than anyone else in the world,” says Oleksandra Madvichuk.


Ukraine: J. Stoltenberg Fears Russia VS NATO Conflict

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview published this Friday evening, expressed fears that the fighting in Ukraine could spiral out of control and trigger a war between Russia and NATO member states.

“If things go wrong, they will go very wrong,” the NATO secretary general said during a speech to Norwegian television channel NRK, as broadcast by The Guardian. “It’s a terrible war. It’s a war that could turn into an all-out war between NATO and Russia. We’re working every day to avoid that.”

Russia wants to turn Ukraine into a “dependent dictatorship”.

Russia wants to turn Ukraine into a “dependent dictatorship” like Belarus, the wife of Belarusian Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ales Byliatsky said Saturday after accepting the prize on his behalf.

Ales Byalyatski dedicated the award “to the millions of Belarusian citizens who stood up in the streets and online to defend their civil rights. This highlights the dramatic situation in the country and the struggle for human rights,” noted Natalia Pinchuk. She said she echoes her husband’s words.

Peace in Ukraine cannot be achieved by laying down arms

A Ukrainian Nobel Peace Prize laureate accepted the prize in Oslo on Saturday, saying peace in her country cannot be achieved by “laying down arms” against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

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“The people of Ukraine want peace more than anyone else in the world,” said Oleksandra Madvichuk, head of the Center for Civil Rights (CCL). “But peace for a country under attack cannot be achieved by laying down arms. That would not be peace, but occupation.”

He also says that the war in Ukraine is “not a war between two states, but between two systems: dictatorship and democracy.”

Russian winner V. Putin slams “crazy” war

Receiving his prestigious award in Oslo, the head of the NGO Memorial, a Russian Nobel Peace Prize laureate, slammed Vladimir Putin’s “crazy and criminal war” in Ukraine this Saturday.

“Opposing Russia is tantamount to fascism” under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, which would provide “ideological justification for an insane and criminal war of aggression against Ukraine,” Ian Ratzynski said in his acceptance speech.

Fighting continues around Bagmouth (southeast).

If Russian gains were slim around Bagmouth, the fighting would be no less violent. Our special correspondent in Ukraine, Solen Rio, military sources tell us that between 50 and 100 people are being killed every day. But the determination of Russian troops remains: the recapture of this city in the southeast is highly symbolic for Russia, after suffering several military setbacks in recent months.

Ukraine: Fierce fighting around BagmouthSource: TF1 information

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Russia-Iran: A military alliance to be strengthened

Iran’s support for the Russian military will increase in the coming months. In return, Moscow is likely to provide “unprecedented” levels of military support to Tehran, the UK Ministry of Defense said.

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Russia may have used up most of its stockpile of its own SS-26 Iskander short-range ballistic missiles, hence the need to buy more weapons, the ministry said.

However, if Russia gets its hands on a large number of Iranian ballistic missiles, it could expand its campaign of attacks against Ukraine’s electricity infrastructure, despite the freezing winter.

According to the ministry, Iran has been one of Russia’s main military backers since its invasion of Ukraine last February.

A review of highlights from the past 24 hours

Vladimir Putin indicated that a deal was “ultimately” necessary to end the conflict, while re-branding the nuclear threat. On the ground, nearly half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been destroyed by Russian strikes, while fierce fighting continues around Baghmouth. TF1 information is shared.


Fierce fighting in Bachmouth, Putin sparks prospect of deal... Update on situation in Ukraine

Nobel Peace Prize: Awards this Saturday

The Nobel Peace Prize laureates, who make up the Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian trio, receive their prize this Saturday at noon in Oslo, in front of the Norwegian royal family, who are determined not to lower their hands to their faces. To Vladimir Putin and his partner in Minsk.

As a reminder, one is in prison, the other is officially liquidated by order of justice, and the third works in a state-occupied country: Nobel will probably put a little balm in the heart of Belarusian activist Ales Peliatsky, Russian NGO Ukrainian Center for Memory and Civil Rights (CCL).

Welcome to this new live from Saturday, December 10, 2022 dedicated to the war between Russia and Ukraine.