April 1, 2023

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LIVE – War in Ukraine: Canada to deliver 4 Panther tanks

Sars: F. Russell “A Debate in Parliament”

After the US and Germany sent in heavy tanks, Fabian Roussel said “there will be a debate in the French parliament and we will be questioned”, a “particularly worrying question”. At the LCI, the national secretary of the PCF was skeptical of these deliveries, believing that “we have a duty of solidarity with Ukraine”, but “we have always said that we do not want to be a co-belligerent”.

“There, everyone agrees, a milestone has been passed”, he affirmed, by providing “weapons of attack”, judging that it was a “choice of serious consequences, by taking a step which we ourselves have hitherto forbidden”. “We don’t want to enter a third world war, we don’t want to participate in it or create the conditions for a conflict that is becoming common in Europe,” he said.

“I want to question the President of the Republic, (…) I want to have this discussion” to be able to “take a position” on the matter, said the vice chancellor from the North. He wants to ask “precise questions” to Emmanuel Macron, according to whom this decision should not be taken alone, about the consequences of a possible French delivery, “If there are conditions, will they be used by Ukrainians to go to the Russian border? “, “We will consider the risk of conflict with Russia”.

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