June 3, 2023

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Live – War in Ukraine: Fighting continues around Severodonetsk

“Donbass still stands”: Zhelensky praises opposition from Ukrainian troops

The Ukrainian president sent his traditional evening video message to his fellow citizens on Saturday evening.

Volodymyr issued an update on the situation in the Donbass front, highlighting the opposition of Ukrainian troops.

National Symbols: Ukrainians come to tattoo parlors

For eleven weeks, Kyiv tattoo artists have been setting aside volunteer work days for the benefit of the military.

And the formula works. The crowd is strong, the Ukrainians want to engrave various national symbols on their skin.

With a shortage of weapons, Ukraine is waiting for supplies from its allies

The Ukrainian tragedy shines more and more on the front where the army is not everything, starting with the weapons.

Its beliefs in this regard are increasingly based on deliveries from its partners.

Ukraine integration into the EU: Zhelensky hopes his country will win candidate status

As for Ukraine, the candidate’s position will be “a starting point” as the key to a long negotiation and reforms, recognized Volodymyr Zhelensky.

Nevertheless, he said in his traditional evening video message on Saturday, “We will work more powerfully at all levels to get the right result. This is very important to us.”

The president’s intervention comes on the heels of a visit by European Commission President Uruzza von Der Leonque. “Today’s discussions will allow us to finalize our assessment by next weekend,” he said after a meeting with German President Volodymyr Zhelensky.

Sverdlovnetsk, Lysyansk: Fighting rage in Donbass

The war between the main city of Chevrodonetsk and its twin Lycitansk seems increasingly violent.

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“To motivate our troops, the enemy is attacking our positions and trying to win the war by artillery fire,” the Ukrainian Operations Command of the southern region said overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

He said the Ukrainian air force had destroyed ammunition depots and equipment indiscriminately in three airstrikes in the past 24 hours.

“Fierce street fighting continues in Severodonetsk,” President Zhelensky said on Saturday evening, while pointing out that Ukrainian forces had recaptured areas such as Tavrisky and Zaporizhia in the Kerson region.

On Sunday morning, Ukrainian civil servants made it clear that the Russians were carrying out “failed” attacks against the Chevroletonets, insisting that the Ukrainian troops had also repulsed troops sent by the Kremlin near Vrupivka, Mikholevka or Vasivka.