April 1, 2023

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Live War in Ukraine: Kyiv says it has acquired new Western air defense systems


Businessman close to Putin admits meddling in US election

Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian businessman close to the Kremlin, has admitted to “meddling” in US elections, ahead of a crucial midterm vote in the US in which Moscow has been accused for years of meddling.

“We intervened, we do, and we will continue to do so. Carefully, precisely, surgically, in our own unique way,” he said.


Finland would have no nuclear weapons if it joined NATO

Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto has confirmed that the country will not import nuclear weapons after joining NATO.


Turkey, India, China and African countries buy Russian coal banned in the EU

These countries buy Russian coal at a discount, according to Bloomberg. According to the news agency, it should be noted that this batch of coal is being sold at a significant discount compared to the same brand of coal from other countries. In September, for example, Turkey imported Russian thermal coal at a price of $199 a tonne, 23% less than the same grade of coal from a second supplier, Colombia.

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Vladimir Putin will decide whether to participate in the G20 tournament

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Evacuate Kyiv?

On that day Sky News, Vadym Prystaiko, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK, echoed the Kyiv mayor’s comments, saying Russian attacks on Ukraine’s electricity supply would necessitate an evacuation of the city. “I hope it will not come, we are still trying to renew all the electrical installations, power stations, conversions, everything. If that happens, we will have to move them to western Ukraine, Lviv and all the places close to the European Union,” he said.

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Ukraine says it has acquired new Western air defense systems

“NASAMS and Aspid air defense systems have arrived in Ukraine! These weapons will significantly strengthen the Ukrainian military and make our skies safer,” tweeted Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov. The weapons come from the United States, Spain and Norway, and are intended to counter Russia’s massive bombardment targeting critical infrastructure.



Russia remains ‘open’ to talks but rejects Q’s refusal

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, while Russia remains “open” to negotiations, it is unable to negotiate with Kyiv due to Ukraine’s refusal.


The new British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, will be visiting Kiev soon

According to the Ukrainian Ambassador to England, Rishi Sunak is expected to arrive in Kyiv soon. Sunak promised that Ukraine would be his first stop abroad if he became prime minister. But due to current events, he is going to Egypt and COP 27. He will find a date with Ukrainian diplomats and arrange the trip according to security concerns.


Satellite images show more than 1,500 new graves excavated at the Mariupol site

According to the BBC, the latest satellite images from Maxar show that three mass graves near Mariupol, located in Stary Grim, Manhush and Vinohratne, have grown steadily since the spring. “The Information Resilience Center analyzed images of Starry Grimm for the BBC’s Panorama project and concluded that 1,500 new graves had been dug since the site was last analyzed in June. He now estimates that more than 4,600 graves have been dug there since the start of the war, although he is unable to know how many bodies have been buried there. ,” according to this report.


Almost 39,000 people came to Ukraine

According to Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service, nearly 77,000 people and 19,000 vehicles crossed Ukraine’s western borders with the EU and Moldova on November 6. “In the last day, 38,000 people left Ukraine. Of them, 23,000 crossed the border into Poland, while the rest went to EU countries and Moldova. Over the past day, 39,000 people have arrived in Ukraine, 35,000 of whom are Ukrainian citizens,” the service said. Also, 80 trucks carrying humanitarian aid entered the Ukrainian border.


New bombings in Zaporizhia region

A shelling attack was carried out in Khushov village in Zaporizhia district early this morning. According to Kyrillo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the presidential office, the Russians damaged a cultural center, farmers’ warehouses and private homes. 52 keystrokes were recorded. One died.



A line of defense around Mariupol

According to the city’s mayor, the Russian occupiers are currently building a defensive line around Mariupol.


Traffic on the Crimean Bridge will soon be restored

The partially destroyed Crimean bridge could reopen its two traffic lanes in December. According to the Russian authorities, metal structures have already been delivered, and work will begin on the installation of new bearing structures. The first lane will be reopened on December 5 and the other on December 20.


Central regulations and Ukraine

Will Tuesday’s US midterm elections change US support for Ukraine? Pro-Trump Republicans are already arguing that Kiev does not want to sign blank checks. Even within Democratic ranks, some are calling for a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Read our article.


278 Russian planes disappeared in Ukraine

According to the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense, the number of losses of 278 Russian aircraft since the beginning of the conflict is difficult to verify. Valery Zalushny, chief of staff of the Ukrainian military, said Russia had lost twice as many aircraft in Ukraine during the Soviet-Afghan war. According to British intelligence, “Russia’s continued lack of air superiority could be exacerbated by poor training and the loss of experienced personnel.” But above all, this situation is unlikely to change in the coming months. “Loss probably exceeds production capacity. The time required to train skilled pilots further reduces Russia’s ability to rebuild fighter capabilities.


Approximately 45,000 aggression and war crimes

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, 43,312 crimes were registered for violations of the laws and customs of war. Also, 18,741 offenses against national security have been registered. The Prosecutor General opened 627 cases against representatives of the military and political leadership of the Russian Federation.


Infrastructure is being restored in Kyiv

Infrastructure damaged by the Russians is being restored in the Kyiv region. “We are restoring infrastructure: private residential buildings and apartment buildings, social and critical infrastructure. Work is going on in all reserved communities in the area,” he said. Oleksiy Kuleba, head of the kyiv regional military administration on Facebook. Also, in many cities, temporary houses have been set up for the residents whose houses have been demolished.

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More than 200 missiles were fired in Sumi region

According to the authorities of this region, more than 200 Russian projectiles were fired in several cities such as Bilophilia, Esman, Voroshba, Krasnopilia and Kodin. In Voroshba, one woman was killed and another was injured.


Iran, Russia and Peace

In his daily speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky insisted that if Iran supplies Russia with weapons, Iran should be held responsible for the consequences of the war against Ukraine, just like Russia. “Iran’s complicity in Russian terrorism must be punished. We will ensure that this problem cannot be tackled by our regular partners alone. The whole world will know that the Iranian regime is helping Russia to prolong this war. “If Iran had not supplied weapons to the aggressors, we would be closer to peace now,” he said.


Communications between the White House and Putin’s top aides

U.S. National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan has held discussions in recent months with key aides to Vladimir Putin, including Russian foreign policy adviser and Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, the Wall Street Journal reported. The undisclosed talks, according to US officials, were aimed at reducing the risk of a wider war and warning the Kremlin against using nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction.


Numerous explosions in occupied Donetsk region

Russian state-controlled media RIA Novosti reported that a massive fire broke out at a railway administration building in Donetsk’s Voroshilivsky district. So far, no casualties have been reported.


Russia has accused it of targeting civilian boats in Kherson

Ukraine’s military accused Russia on Sunday of mass destruction of civilian ships moored on the banks of the Dnieper River in the Russian-occupied Kherson region. Reuters.


Russian forces are preparing for an “energetic genocide,” Ukraine vows

“Russian forces are trying to commit ‘energy genocide,’ but Kyiv and Ukraine will stand firm,” Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak tweeted on Sunday.



And welcome to this dedication live For the war in Ukraine. We are now on day 256 of the conflict.