May 30, 2023

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The Russians strengthened their hold on Snake Island

Despite threats from new security forces, the Russian military has strengthened its grip on Snake Island by deploying several security systems that do not want to give up easily on this strategic point located in the Black Sea. Missile fire.

Recent open-source satellite images of the island off the coast of Ukraine and Romania make it possible to distinguish air defense systems from different ground, which the Russians have installed on nearby ships to strengthen the security bubble.

“The Russians stationed several anti-aircraft systems on the island, including various threat Spectra, SA-13, Pantsir, Tor, ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns.”French researcher Pierre Grasser, a Russian security expert associated with the Sirice Laboratory in Sorbonne.

“They have recently consolidated their position and established aerial systems from different ground, on buildings on and around the island. Strategically, this makes sense even in the face of new Ukrainian mechanisms such as Caesars or Himars.Analyzes anonymous French military sources.

Westerners have provided Ukraine with a number of mobile artillery systems that could theoretically attack, including French Caesar rifles thirty kilometers off the coast, but above all the Americans have donated several rocket-propelled grenades. .

“We expect these organizations to be at war soon, and we are committed to continuing to feed the flow of ammunition.”U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Colin Call said this week.

Anti-aircraft systems currently used by the Russians “Guided rockets launched by Himalayas cannot be intercepted, it is for sure”Mr. Crosser believes, however, that he puts things in perspective: “They’re all mobile, so the Russians can do what the Ukrainians have done best since the beginning of the war: move them as soon as they realize the immediate threat. You have to be reactionary, but it’s useful even on a small island.” “Himars can’t do saturated fire” To plow the entire surface of the island with the quantities available to the Ukrainians, he adds.

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