March 22, 2023

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Macron “struck” by “intolerable words” spoken in the National Assembly

During the intervention of mutinous sub Carlos Martens Pilongo, black and of Congolese descent, over the “illegal immigration drama”, sub RN Grégoire de Fournas began, “He must go back to Africa”.

Emmanuel Macron”random» Eq phrases “Intolerable» Launched on Thursday 3 November by the National Rally’s deputy and expressing its support for the deputy of La France Insumais “Contempt“, said the entourage of the head of state on Thursday evening. “The President was shocked by these intolerable words both outside the Hemicycle and within the Hemicycle. Support for disgraced Member of Parliament“, we said from the same source.

The comments by an elected RN set off a rare event in the Legislature on Thursday. “Let him go back to Africa“, admits to introducing deputy RN Grégoire de Fournas – several deputies say they heard”Back to Africa“-, during the intervention of elected LFI Carlos Martens Pilongo, black, he “Illegal immigration drama».

“Let him – the boat – return to Africa”

The sound arrest immediately provoked a roar, leading to a very rare halt to the questions-to-the-government session after a few minutes of confusion. An elected RN may be admitted on Friday by the office of the National Assembly. The incident took place shortly before 5:00 pm and the President of the Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet, closed the session, while there were several scheduled interventions, “Given the severity of the facts“and”Fair emotionof the Assembly.

Grégoire de Fornas, supported by his team, admitted to the press that he had said these words: “Let him go back to Africa“. But the vice president of the Gironde flatly denied any racism, saying a “Handling of LFI“Intent to give him credit”Disgusting words». «”Let it return to Africa,” I replied when La France’s deputy insoumise spoke of the SOS Méditerranée boat unable to land on European shores. Let him, the boat, return to Africa“, he assured.

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