June 2, 2023

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Maddie McCain’s death: “He kidnapped her”, German prosecutor’s shocking revelations

German lawyer Hans Christian Walters expressed his determination over the death of little Maddie McCain in an article published in the Mirror on Friday, October 8th.

Fourteen years after the disappearance of little Maddie McCann, who was on vacation in Portugal, the affair takes a new turn. If no body or DNA evidence is found, German justice says it is “100%” certain that the killer was finally identified by the time the 3-year-old girl went missing. CNews.

We are convinced that the person who kidnapped her is with us

Hans Christian Walters, the attorney general for the case, said in an interview Glass. This is Christian Bruckner.

Towards the indictment by the end of the year?

Hans Christian Wolders hopes to convict him by the end of this year and close the case by the end of next year. “It is very possible that we will convict him. Now we have the evidence,” the lawyer said. “But this is not just blaming him. We will investigate until there are clues or information (…) accusing him with the best possible evidence. I’m not saying we have enough but he’s in jail, so we do not have that pressure.”

Christian Bruckner is currently in solitary confinement at Oldenburg Prison for sexual offenses. The prison is none other than its nickname, the German Alcatraz.

If investigators have not yet found the body, the girl is dead. “I can not say on what basis we assume she died. But for us, there is no other option. She has no hope of being aliveThe lawyer warned the child’s parents about the progress of the investigation.

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