May 30, 2023

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Man in coma after being stung 20,000 times by killer bees

A 20-year-old man is in a coma after being stung 20,000 times by killer bees in the US, his family and local media reported on Wednesday (Aug 31).

On Tuesday evening, Austin Bellamy was on life support and was put into a voluntary coma at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in Ohio (North), according to local TV channel Fox 19. He “Fight for his life“, his mother, Shawna, noted on a fundraising page created Monday for Carter’s medical care.

On Friday morning, Austin Bellamy was pruning a lemon tree when he unknowingly cut a nest of killer bees. Also known as Africanized bees, these insects are known to be particularly aggressive. According to Fox 19, Austin Bellamy’s grandmother and uncle, who lived next door, watched the bee attack unresponsive.He shouted, “Help! Help me! Help!”, and no one can help himsaid his grandmother Phyllis Edwards.I tried to climb the ladder to reach Austin“very”I couldn’t join him because I was surrounded by bees“, she said.

Shawna Carter said the young man was stung more than 20,000 times and consumed about 30 bees. Caregivers had toExtract the bees from him until Sunday morninghe told Fox 19. According to a local outlet, doctors believe Austin Bellamy will make a full recovery.

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