May 30, 2023

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Marlène Schiappa, Jean-Michel Blanquer, Barbara Pompili … Unpublished Costex Government Statistics

Some were announced when they left, while others wanted to turn the page on ministerial responsibilities. All mark the first five-year term of Emmanuel Macron. Many of the heavyweights of the Jean Costex government have not been updated First Government Committee Conducted by Elizabeth Bourne Announced Friday, May 20th. Among them: Barbara Bambili, Jean-Michel Blanker, Julian Tenormandi, Marilyn Schiappe, Jean-Yves Le Trian or Florence Barley.

Apart from these personalities, sixteen ministers and secretaries of state have not been renewed: Roslyn Bachelot (culture), Annik Girardin (maritime), Frederick Vidal (higher education and research), Elizabeth Moreno (equality, diversity), Emmanuel Varken (housing), Jean Djebbari (Transportation), Roxana Maricineanu (Sports), Geneviève Darrieussecq (Players), Nadia Hai (City), Sophie Cluzel (Handicap), Bérengère Abba (Environmental Change), Sarah El Haïry (Youth), (Digital), Lorette (LaGuardine) Retirement), Joel Girard (Rural) and Adrian Dockett (Childhood and Family).

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Barbara Pompeii is leading the way for ecological change

He succeeded in establishing himself as Macroni’s heavyweight by creating his own environmental wing, but disappeared from the government team when Emmanuel Macron wanted to push the accelerator on environmental change.

If some continue to question his allegiance to the head of state, Ms.Me At the end of Franுவாois Hollande’s five-year term, which supported candidate Emmanuel Macron in March 2017, Pompeii was the first member of Bernard Cassiniu’s government.

At age 46, the former environmental deputy passed the Climate Act in 2021 after the Citizens’ Conference. His greatest weaponry achievement, but the symbol of the great macronutrient gap in ecology. Co-pilot in general, a small party of the majority left, he is the candidate for the assembly election in Somme.

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Jean-Michel Blanquer retired on long-term record

After five years at rue de Grenelle – a record under Ve Republican – Jean-Michel Blanker can be credited with pushing undergraduate reform, separating CP and CE1 classes into priority education areas, and working to keep schools as open as possible despite Govt.

He also had to manage the assassination of this history-geography professor, Samuel Patti, who was beheaded in October 2020.

But “Techno”, Criticized for its rigor and its unbridled taste for communication, teaching raises distrust and even rejection from the majority of the world and the left. He is said to be an opponent of “Voxism” and “Islamo-leftism” and seeks to continue his political adventure by engaging in the battle for legislative elections in the Lower.

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Julian Tenormandi wants to dedicate himself to his family

Julian Denormondi, loyal to Emmanuel Macron from the first hour, has been Minister of Agriculture and Food since July 2020, having served as Minister of State for Housing and Housing since 2017.

Highly acclaimed by the agricultural world, this 40-year-old, through his training as a bridge, water and forest engineer, was not only popular among ecologists, he was also criticized as a spokesman for the FNSEA and the agro-industry.

Regularly announced as the potential successor to Alexis Kohler, the all-powerful General Secretary of the Elysee, Mr. Tenormandi has announced that he wants to devote more time to his family.

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Jean-Yves Le Drian leaves Crocknard, Kwai d’Orsay

Ten years in the administration, five people became defense ministers under Hollande, then five in the Kwai d’Orsay, the government’s dean, 74, hanged in the midst of an international crisis. Coming from the Socialist Party, this political figure in Brittany was nicknamed “Menhir”., He was second in government.

The struggle against jihadists in Iraq, Syria and Mali, the breakdown of diplomacy with Bamako, the submarine crisis with Australia, the global epidemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: Mr. Le Trian had to deal with the rising tensions internationally in the wake of the crisis. Multifaceted.

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Florence Barley leaves the army in the middle of the war in Ukraine

At the age of 59, Florence Barley left the Armed Forces Ministry he had headed in 2017. From 2000 to 2002, the Secretary of State for the Budget under Lionel Jospin fought diligently to strengthen these prudent personality mechanisms. Forces. In recent months, the French submarine mega-deal with Australia has had to deal with defeats in the withdrawal of the “Barclays” force from Mali and the war in Ukraine.

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Marilyn Schiappe, departure of a media personality

During the #metoo wave, when he was secretary of state responsible for the fight for equality and discrimination between women and men, Marilyn Schiappe was minister of state for home affairs in the summer of 2020. , Citizenship Liability.

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Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year media personality for his commitment to sexual and gender-based violence, however, saw his star fade after moving to Beauvoir in the shadow of Gerald Dorman. Has published several books including Is the situation good, Minister? Recent.

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