June 2, 2023

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More than 260 Ukrainian militants have been expelled from Azovstel Steelworks, the last pocket of protest in Mariupol, kyiv reports

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23h34 : In these photos, members of the Donetsk People’s Republic – self-proclaimed pro-Russian territory – evacuate wounded Ukrainian soldiers on buses from Mariupol.

Alexei Gudenko / Sputnik via AFP)

23h29 : Azovstel Steelworks in Mariupol has become a symbol of Ukrainian opposition to Russia. According to Ukrainian officials, about 1,000 soldiers were in the factory before the announcement, including 600 wounded.

(Satellite Image 2022 Maxar Technologies / AFP)

23h37 : Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Kanna Malyar has announced that more than 260 Ukrainian militants have been expelled from Azovstal.

23h20 : Denise Prokopenko, one of the commanders of the Azov Brigade in Mariupol, said in a video.“There is always danger, there is no completely safe plan and operation in war”. He did not elaborate on the operation.

23h16 : “For 82 days, Mariupol’s bodyguards carried out orders in defiance of orders, pushed back large forces of the enemy, allowed the Ukrainian army to reorganize, train more personnel, and obtain greater numbers of weapons from allied countries.”Noting the content of the orders received, the Azov Regiment said in a press release on social networks.

23h16 : The last Ukrainian fighters rooted in Mariupol in Azovstal Steelworks announced their presence. “Order executed” The Ukrainian Supreme Command seems to be signaling its readiness to leave the site, which has been besieged by the Russian military for weeks.

23h12 : க Kalush Orchestra returns to Ukraine after Eurovision victory. The Ukrainian band performed a preview of the hit song “Stefania” for members of the Ukrainian State Border Guard after crossing the border on their way home. Video: Eurovision Ukraine / Telegraph https://t.co/KkRQEfBxfR

23h11 : Ukrainian Eurovision winning band Kalush returns to Ukraine. During the ceremony, the band performed their song Stefania In front of the Ukrainian border guards.

22h52 : # New cemeteries in the cemetery near Mariupol. There are many dead city dwellers, they are buried in the trenches. It looks like Putin’s “helping the people of Donbass.” Credit: Denys Kazanskyi @den_kazansky https://t.co/cW4Whl5qVZ

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22h51 : On Twitter, a resident posted a photo of a grave near Mariupol. “Many of the dead are buried in trenches”She wrote.

21h50 : Kharkiv these days. Volunteers and city staff plant pansies in front of an administration building destroyed by Russian caliphs. Ukrainian tanks pass. https://t.co/dtH84vR5Zz

21h49 : Sur Twitter, Maria Avdeva, A Kharkiv resident, photographs volunteers planting flowers in front of city buildings destroyed by a Russian shelling. The second largest city in Ukraine Captured by the Ukrainians.

21h28 : Price of wheat a “Complete registration” In the European market, it closed after the announcement of 438.25 euros per tonne.Prohibition of l’Inde In its grain exports.

20h19 : It’s time to update the news:

During the handover with Jean Costex, the new Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne dedicated her appointment. “For all the little girls”Who did she call? “Go after (their) dreams”. Follow our lives.

Jean Costex has announced that “Continue to serve our country” But will do “Take a step back from leaving national political life”He said during the transfer of power to Matignon.

Russia believes that NATO membership of Sweden and Finland is a mistake that undermines the security of the European continent. Discover all the information about the war Our life.

Météo-France warned that France would experience an exceptional heat chapter with temperatures hovering above 30 C, which would break records in many regions. May be high Heat never seen before in France.

20h09 : Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says there is no Turkey “I will not give” Sweden and Finland joined NATO after the two countries formalized their candidatures.

19h58 : “Ukraine can win this war”NATO Secretary General expressed optimism. Kyiv has regained control of some areas that have long been contested by Russian forces, such as the city of Kharkiv, and the Russian military faces human and tactical problems. In this article I will explain Why the Alliance sees the opportunity for a positive outcome for its partner.

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Ukrainian Special Forces soldier, near Kharkiv, May 16, 2022. (Dimitar Tilkoff / AFP)

(Dimitar Tilkoff / AFP)

18h57 : Severodonetsk is one of the most important cities in the Donbass, which is still under Ukrainian control. It is located approximately 80 km east of Gramadorsk, which became the administrative center of the Ukrainian Donbass after the separatists seized the eastern part of this large coal bed in 2014.


18h52 At least ten people have been killed in Russian bombings in the eastern Ukrainian city of Chevroletnetsk, the governor of the region has said, almost surrounded by troops from Moscow.

(Leo Korea / AB / Siba)

15h18 : “Government decides to inform NATO of Sweden’s intention to join coalition”Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said. During a press conference. “We are leaving an era to enter a new one”According to the Swedish leader.

3:10 p.m. : Sweden officially applies for NATO membership.

14h14 : Such as “NATO’s expansion is not an immediate threat (…) but the establishment of military infrastructure in the territories of these countries will certainly lead to a response.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ruled that Finland and Sweden are not members of NATO. “A threat” But Russia will react to the military standoff.

1:15 p.m. : At 1 p.m., here are the three essential contents of the day:

Almost three months after the conflict began, some Ukrainian refugees have already returned home. But for others, the return is impossible. Jane, who came to the Paris area with her two daughters in March, and Our journalist met Mary-Violet Bernard.

Dry and hot weather worries farmers, especially wheat growers. Bread, a staple food, can be affected by drought at the end of the chain, while inflation is already rising. Marie-Adélade Scigacz explains In this article Drought is why we are in trouble.

As the Cannes Film Festival opens tomorrow, a documentary, Female power, Written by Léni Mérat, highlights its focus on the emergence of women in cinema and the struggle for their existence. It airs tonight in France 2. Isabelle Malin gives you an extract.

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12h36 : “We are committed to our global community and to be firm in our values.”The group’s CEO, Chris Kempsinski, is justified. “Respecting our values ​​means we can no longer hold the curves [le logo de McDonald’s]” In Russia, he added.

12:01 : This afternoon, what do you remember from the news?

Will the new Prime Minister know today? Nothing is certain. “It usually should be like that. But who really knows?” Said an adviser to the minister of France Info. Follow the situation in our lives.

NATO membership applications from Sweden and Finland A direct result of the actions of Vladimir Putin, France informs Info Kamil Grant, Deputy General Secretary of the Coalition.

A new move has been deleted. from todayMasks are no longer mandatory on public transport. Here is a summary of health rules that are still in effect.

Former footballer Tony Viralles He was sentenced to five years in prison Two of them were suspended by Nancy Court ten years ago for armed violence while leaving a nightclub.

11h56 : Some Ukrainian sources, on the contrary, accuse Russia of staging protests after the transfer of Ukrainian prisoners of war to Mariupol yesterday. “They are portrayed as Azovstal fighters, but the battalion defends itself.”Write several Ukrainian telegram channels.

11h54 : Of the approximately 1,000 Ukrainian warriors trapped under the bombs, nearly 600 were wounded, according to Svyadoslav Palmer, deputy commander of the Azov Brigade recently.

11h56 : In Mariupol, a dozen Ukrainian soldiers withdrew from the Azovstal factory with white flags demanding the opening of talks with the Russian military, says the commander of the Russian Vostok battalion on the Rosia 1 channel. However, be careful, because this information is not available. Confirmed on the Ukrainian side.