April 1, 2023

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More than 70 defendants sought the death penalty for one murder

The death penalty was sought on Saturday against more than 70 people tried by an Algerian court for the Aug. 11, 2021, assassination of Tjamel Bensmail, who was wrongly accused of pyromania in Kabylia, local media reported. The man was volunteering in Larba Nath Rathen village in DC Ozu Province in Kabili.The fire killed at least 90 people within a week In August 2021.

The defendants, who appeared at the Dar El Beida court in the eastern suburbs of Algiers, specifically “Terrorist and subversive acts against state and national unity“and”Premeditated murder“, according to the lawsuit. Prosecutors sought a 10-year prison sentence against 25 defendants who were specifically tried for the crimes.Dissemination of photographs and videos of armed gangs with intent to insult and cause trouble“, according to the Arabic-language daily El Kabar.

were beaten to death

Tjamel Bensmail, 38, surrendered to police after hearing he was suspected of setting the forest fire. Images posted on social media showed a crowd surrounding a police van and pulling him out of the vehicle after assaulting him. He was later beaten and later set ablaze when youths took selfies in front of the corpse.

Excerpts from videos posted by the defendants on social media showing details of the crime were shown during the trial, which began on Tuesday. The videos show Djamel Bensmail killed, burned alive and stripped of his personal belongings, including his cell phone.

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