June 3, 2023

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New classified documents found in Joe Biden’s private home

The New Year doesn’t start auspiciously for the White House. Two days after the initial disclosure, Joe Biden’s aides found another batch of classified documents at the president’s residence. Report of the White House Legal CounselThursday, January 12, confirms information from the US media NBC News And this The New York Times.

After the first such discovery in November at Joe Biden’s former office, the president’s lawyers conducted extensive searches of his residences in Wilmington and Rehoboth Beach (Delaware). It is at this stage that the second phase of documents has been received. Most were inside “Garage Storage Space” From the Wilmington home, only one other page-long item was found among other documents in an adjacent room, according to the report.

No documents were found on the Rehoboth Beach home. As for the first findings, the documents were handed over to the Ministry of Justice, as stated in the press release, which recalls The White House will cooperate with the Justice Department investigation. This second finding closes the research.

read more: The article is reserved for our subscribers In the United States, declassified Obama-era documents were discovered at an agency founded by Joe Biden.

“I was surprised,” says Joe Biden

In November, Mr. Biden’s lawyers got their hands on classified documents — particularly brief references to foreign countries, according to the report The New York Times – An office he sometimes used as a workplace. These documents, like those found in his home, date from Joe Biden’s time as Barack Obama’s vice president (2009-2017).

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According to government regulations, access to classified documents is limited to authorized persons. According to Presidential Registration ActOfficial documents, classified or not, must be returned to the National Archives when an administration leaves.

A Democratic presidential administration has so far confirmed a “A small number of classified documents” – about ten – found one “locked cupboard” At the Ben Biden Center, Joe Biden once had an office. “I was surprised to learn that government related documents were seized from this office. But I don’t know what is in the documents,” he said., The president told reporters on Tuesday In Mexico City, on the sidelines of a summit with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada. On Thursday, Joe Biden promised during a brief exchange with reporters, “To cooperate fully” With American Justice.

Unlike Trump, Biden’s team returned the documents

On Tuesday, CBS channel reported that Justice Minister, ThAttorney General Merrick Garland appointed a magistrate to examine the first documents discovered at the Ben Biden Center. With this new twist, the case should continue to make noise and could serve as an argument for the Republican camp, while the judiciary investigates the vast amount of documents that former President Donald Trump stored in his Florida home after leaving the White House. 2021.

So far, the billionaire’s case is considered so serious that the federal police (FBI) seized thousands of documents, including hundreds of classified secret-security documents, during a spectacular search, which the Republican Party refused to turn over. But the latest findings remain unsettling for the Democratic president, who has long touted his ethical imperatives against his predecessor.

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Commentators say it could also introduce subtle political considerations into the investigation of Donald Trump, who immediately called for the same attention to be paid to Joe Biden. “When will the FBI raid Joe Biden’s multiple residences or the White House?”, he reacted. A constructive Republican call “Special Advice” The leader of the Democratic Party should be investigated. On that day TwitterSenator Josh Hawley shared the NBC News article “Special Advice”.

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The White House says that if there are mistakes, the administration will at least correct them immediately. As soon as the first documents were discovered, at the end of November, prosecutors returned them to the National Archives, which manages this type of file, and he defended himself. To mitigate allegations of political interference, the attorney general assigned the case to a Chicago prosecutor appointed during the Trump administration. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre cited the investigation to justify her refusal to answer questions from reporters on Wednesday. This was not enough to stop them. “We will be limited in what we can say here.”She let go.