June 3, 2023

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New health regulations: What are our European neighbors doing?

Govt-19 – At this Monday’s meeting of the Health Care Council, the government may select new restrictions in an effort to mitigate the effects of the “fifth wave”. Decisions made by many of our neighbors may be ways of reflection.

As the “fifth wave” of the Govt-19 epidemic begins to put pressure on the hospital system, the government convenes the Health Care Council on Monday morning, which could lead to new restrictions. Faced with the same phenomenon, on various levels, most of our European neighbors also had to adjust their policies.

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France affected by the fifth wave of Govt-19

Curfew order, compulsory vaccination, restrictions for non-vaccinated, can provide many of the hypotheses that operate on the Health Council’s schedule. The TF1 1 pm newspaper (report at the top of the article) provided a brief overview of the most important activities recently decided by our key neighbors.

Belgium: Advanced Vacations and Curfew Order

Class closures are on the rise in Belgium. To counteract the circulation of the virus In schools, the country has chosen to bring the Christmas school holidays a week ahead, as France did last spring. Belgian authorities are tightening screws in public places, imposing curfews on bars and restaurants from 11pm and banning any event of more than 200 people – indoors and outdoors.

Italy: Is the youngster being vaccinated?

In Italy, too, authorities want to target younger people. Why not do it by opening the vaccine once every five to eleven years. The Italian pharmaceutical company has given the green light to vaccinate children between the ages of five and eleven, but as in France, the government has not yet decided. Possible action in this direction is pending, restrictions are being tightened on non-vaccinated Italians, and they can no longer access bars and restaurants – even in the face of a negative test.

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Germany: Those not vaccinated at the scene

In Germany, those who are not vaccinated represent 30% of the population, and the government has decided to increase the pressure on them. Not without criticism. Without a health pass, shopping in stores, accessing culture or places of worship and even drinking on the terrace is now theoretically impossible. “Sure, it will be hard”, An unvaccinated young German sighs encountered by the TF1 group, “But what do I want to tell you, I’m going home and going to work …” In addition, the Health Pass in its German version is accessible only to those who have been vaccinated and those who have been cured of Govt disease.

United Kingdom: There is pressure on the borders

In Britain, Boris Johnson’s government wants to do everything it can to prevent the economy from returning to restraint. The main measures involve filtering the boundaries more closely: a negative test will now be required from all entrants who have been vaccinated or not. Travelers from South Africa, for their part, must avoid being submerged by the terrible variant Omicron, subject to a mandatory isolation.

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For its part, Austria has returned to prison since the end of November and is considering compulsory vaccination from February 2022. This last idea gets grounded In other European countries. The Vatican is already using it, New Caledonia may do it in December, and Germany is considering it. Greece has chosen an interim measure to reduce the pressure on hospital services by making vaccination mandatory for those over the age of sixty. The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, reaffirmed that there is no compulsory vaccination. “Not France’s choice”, When refusing to take it “Impossible”.

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