June 3, 2023

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New military aid from England; NATO calls on allies to “do more” for Ukraine

Recognized by the European Union, the co-founder of Yandex said goodbye

Arkady Volozh, co-founder of Russian tech giant Yandex, officially said goodbye to the group’s 20,000 employees on Friday. His resignation was in June In the wake of the first international sanctions related to the invasion of Ukraine.

“It is time for me to write a farewell message. (…) As you know, I have not led Yandex Russia for a long time, and this year I had to leave everything [mes] Posts » Within management, he wrote in an internal message to the company, which was confirmed to Agence France-Presse (AFP).

In early June, he resigned from the management of Yandex, Russia’s main search engine, which he co-founded in 1997, after being singled out by the European Union (EU) as part of sanctions related to Ukraine. . “Yandex is my life’s project, but not only mine. For thirty years, we have done this together from scratch in the context of global competition.58-year-old Arkady Volozh recalls.

He also judged “Perfectly fair and necessary” Company restructuring plan “In the current situation”. In early December, a close ally of Vladimir Putin, Alexei Kudrin, said he had joined Yandex. “Development Consultant” A few days after the restructuring of the company, the group was announced by the management.

In fact, the company will now be divided into two companies, one with management activities in Russia, the other abroad. Yandex is Russia’s leading search engine, but dominates taxi and delivery services in most of the Russian-speaking world.

The Russian digital sector has been hit hard by Western sanctions against Moscow. While strengthening its grip on this strategic sector, the Kremlin has sought to replace the products of Western companies that have left the country.

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