June 1, 2023

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No, Govt infections in vaccinated people does not mean that the vaccine is ineffective

In the United States, every report of a vaccinated person’s cochlear implant is full of misinformation. “The vaccine is not a magic shield,” it reminds researchers

The problem comes back: the vaccinated public catches Covit-19 and says on social media that this proves that the vaccine against the corona virus does not work.

In the United States, White House spokesman Jen Psaki, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanagh and comedian Chris Rock were involved. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell Death due to complications related to Govt-19.

News of their SARS-CoV-2 infection has triggered a flood of misinformation online every time.

It is not surprising, however, that infections occur from people who have been vaccinated Vaccines are not effective, According to U.S. health officials. But claims to the contrary could destroy public confidence in these public health measures, and children between the ages of 5 and 11 can finally access vaccines in the United States.

Andy Carwin of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Laboratory, a Washington – based think tank, said:

It is best to define the role of vaccines

Announcing a positive test, Jen Saki on Sunday attributed the mild nature of the symptoms to the vaccine, which did not prevent a user from having “direct evidence that the vaccine does not work” with his 12,000 subscribers on Twitter. And he alone was too far away to say so.

Similar allegations were reported that MM was contaminated. The deaths of Cavanaugh and Rock, and General Powell, experts say that although he suffered from multiple myeloma, one type of leukemia affects the immune system and restricts vaccine efficacy.

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The number of people who have been vaccinated continues to rise, and with it the number of Covit-19 cases – including the most serious ones – that the immune system must grow in the population, the fight against this misinformation is crucial.

“The vaccine is the best technology, but it’s not a magic shield,” said Devon Grayson, a public health researcher at the University of British Columbia.

So officials should better define what the public can expect from vaccines, benefits or limitations, says Yodam Ofir, an expert on misinformation in health and science at Buffalo University.

“Easy to tell” stories

Another problem, according to him, is that “humans tend to focus on striking events (Govt., Reference). You don’t really know how to think in terms of numbers or figures, you usually think in terms of stories that are easy to tell. “

The media account generally does not concern “all people who are vaccinated and in good health,” he insists.

According to Nina Jankovic, a misinformation expert at the Wilson Center Think Tank, the press release on Colin Powell’s death was “particularly disappointing.”

“From the media coverage I observed, even by the serious media in our country (…) many did not even mention Secretary (Secretary of State Colin) Powell’s cancer,” which allowed the misinformation to spread quickly, he said.

Media ethics were tested

For Andy Carwin of the Atlantic Council, the frantic pace at which the media is subjected contradicts the need for environmentalization.

Determining which personality was affected when vaccinated can lead to a storm of misinformation, “he said, adding that” journalism and the media in general need to be creative in the way they present these cases.

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According to Yotam Ophir, misinformation in health matters must be combated by public policy because “we rely heavily on the goodwill of private companies such as Facebook and Twitter” in this field.

“Now we put out the fire,” he says. “This is a war you cannot win. At some point we must find a common solution.”