June 1, 2023

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North Korea has announced that it is likely to test a nuclear weapon again

North Korea threatened to resume testing of its long-range nuclear and ballistic missiles during a meeting of the Kim Jong-un-led political bureau on Thursday, January 20. The Korean president has said he is preparing “A long-running conflict” With the United States, the official North Korean company KCNA said.

Pyongyang has not conducted any long-range ballistic missile nuclear tests since 2017 following an attempt to engage with the United States. Kim Jong-un has met with former US President Donald Trump three times.

But talks have stalled since the 2019 summit between the two leaders in Hanoi failed. North Korea, which has nuclear weapons, has rejected all talk of resuming testing, especially with regard to hypersonic missiles.

Last week the US imposed new sanctions on Pyongyang, which continued from the beginning of January 2022. In many missiles, Including two tactical guiding missiles.

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“US hostility and military threat reach danger line no longer negligible” And meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Labor Party “Ordered (…) Quickly explore the question of recovery “ The KCNA has stated that it will explicitly mention nuclear and long-range missile programs in all of its suspended operations.

Conversation Denial

During the meeting, which was chaired by Kim Jong-un, a report was presented examining the situation on the Korean Peninsula. “Orientation of Defensive Measures Against the United States for the Future”. According to KCNA, “The United States has slandered our state and made the pointless act of taking more than twenty sanctions.”.

The resumption of nuclear and ballistic tests is coming at a subtle time for the region: presidential elections are scheduled for March in South Korea, and China, North Korea’s only major ally, is preparing to host the Winter Olympics in February.

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Since President Joe Biden took office a year ago, Pyongyang has rejected various proposals for dialogue made by the US administration. Earlier this week, the United States called on North Korea to suspend itself “Its illegal and unstable activities” New UN Security Council calls on Pyongyang

Resumption of trade with China

But China’s special envoy to the Korean Peninsula opposed the decision, which could not be allowed. “The (UN) Security Council does not want to discuss the so-called draft resolution on sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”, Liu Xiaoming wrote on Twitter.

The North Korean regime seeks to strengthen its military capabilities in the light of the country’s severe economic crisis by tightening international sanctions and its borders from 2020 to protect itself from Covit-19.

Recently, however, it has resumed trade with China. Last weekend, a freight train from North Korea arrived in the Chinese border town of Tantong for the first time since the beginning of 2020.

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