June 2, 2023

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Norway: A company party turns into a possible eruption of the Omicron variant, with half of the guests affected

Mutation – A festive evening in the Norwegian capital Omigron has become a potential hub for the epidemic, raising fears about its high prevalence and resistance to vaccines.

A week after a corporate party in Oslo on November 26, the atmosphere was no longer a party at all. Of the 120 guests who were vaccinated, 64 guests, or a large half, tested positive for Covit-19, which reinforces fears about the high prevalence of the Omicron variant and its resistance to vaccines.

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France affected by the fifth wave of Govt-19

One of the participants had actually recently returned from South Africa where this new variant was initially detected.

“Everything was done properly”

“Everything was done properly, no rules were violated”, Municipal Health Authority official Tine Rawlow told AFP on Friday, urging everyone to attend the evening. “Vaccinated, no one showed symptoms, they all self-examined.” Before meals.

“Our working hypothesis is that at least half of the 120 participants at the party were affected by the Omigron variant”, A senior official at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Freeben Avitzland, told AFP. It will succeed “Largest Omicron Explosion Outside South Africa”, he said.

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More temporarily, this number is likely to increase as test analyzes progress. Of the affected guests, none have yet developed a severe form of the disease, and most show mild symptoms in the form of headaches, sore throats and coughs, Ms. Rawlow says.

The origin of this eruption is considered “worrying”

The Norwegian government on Thursday announced a series of health restrictions in Oslo and its territory, after which he described the suspicious outbreak of the Omicron variant as “worrying”. From midnight (11:00 pm GMT) onwards, the mask will be mandatory on public transport, taxis, shopping centers and short-distance shops in and around Oslo. Telecommunication has become the norm as much as possible, the number of people attending private indoor events has been reduced to 100, and the sponsors of bars and restaurants have to register with the wine to be served. Christmas dishes are generally very popular and loved by Norwegians, as “Julboard” – as arranged by Scatec – has not been banned, but many companies and organizations have canceled them.

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