May 30, 2023

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Norway: A man armed with a bow killed five people and wounded two others

Attack – A man armed with a bow and arrow wounded and killed several people Wednesday in Kansberg, southeastern Norway. For the police, it is natural to wonder whether this attack is of a “terrorist” nature.

A man armed with a bow and arrows attacked several people in Kansberg, southeastern Norway, on Wednesday. Police report several deaths and injuries. “Unfortunately I can confirm that five people died and two were injured.”Local police officer Ivind Ass told a news conference.

The author of the attack, which took place late in the afternoon in the city center, was arrested. “The person who committed this act was arrested by the police. According to our information, there is only one person.”, Ivind Ass added. Police did not provide details of the suspect, except for one person who was taken to a police station in the nearby town of Drumman.

“Too early to comment on motives for attack”

According to TV2, the man had a knife and several weapons. The injured were admitted to hospital. For now, their number or their status is unknown. The public is invited to stay at home. Several neighborhoods were cordoned off, and television footage showed a large number of armed police forces and ambulances parked. A helicopter and demining team were sent to the scene, while domestic intelligence was alerted.

According to police, it is natural to wonder if this attack is natural “Terrorist”. “Given the course of events, it is natural to assess whether this is a terrorist attack.”, Said Ivind Ass. “The detainee has not been asked. It is too early to comment on his motives.”

Several attacks in the country in recent years

In recent times, the traditionally peaceful country of Norway has come under intense right-wing attack. On July 22, 2011, a bomb exploded near a government seat in Oslo, killing at least 77 people before firing on a workers’ youth rally on the island of Andias Behring Breivik Usya.

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In August 2019, Philip Manshas was shot dead in a mosque near Oslo. He had previously racially abused his foster Asian half-sister. Many plans for Islamic attacks were thwarted.

In the same case

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