June 2, 2023

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Officials say the controlled, Chinese city of Xian will be completely disinfected

China recorded 206 new Govt-19 infections on its soil on Sunday, the highest number of infections per day since March 2020.

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Ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics in February, Chinese officials are doubling their vigilance to avoid a major eruption of the Covit-19. It goes through disinfection “Total” From Xi’an, China, The municipality announced on Sunday, December 26th. This decision is part of the tightening of restrictions in this city It is located about 900 km from the Olympic stadiums and since Thursday 13 million people have already been detained after the Govt-19 impact.

The disinfection was to begin on Sunday evening.

In a country that has been using the “zero govt” strategy since last year, doing everything it can to control the occurrence of new cases as much as possible, the city registered 155 new patients on Sunday, bringing the total to nearly 500. The last few weeks. “In the coming days, many cases are still at risk”After Xi’an residents had already been checked several times, Xi’an official He Wenquan told reporters, officials said. The official also said that about 29,000 people were being held in solitary confinement in certain hostels.

Now, every family in Xi’an can send one of its members only once every three days to buy basic necessities. The previous approval was for two days. Finally, all companies “Essential”, Except supermarkets, shops and medical establishments, has been ordered to close.

China on Sunday recorded 206 new Govt-19 infections in its soil, the highest number of pollutants in a single day since March 2020. Life has returned to normal since the spring of 2020 and the country has not officially recorded two deaths in a year.

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