January 29, 2023

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Oklahoma enacts one of the most restricted laws in the United States

On Tuesday, May 3, Oklahoma was added to an already long list of U.S. states on the verge of banning or severely restricting abortion. “I represent the four million Oklahoma residents who want to protect their unborn children.”Republican Gov. Kevin Stidt wrote the speech on Twitter Voted by the state parliament on Thursday, April 28th.

“I want Oklahoma to be the most favorable state for life in the country.”, She said, opposed the voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion), using expression expressed by Americans. This text provides medical exceptions, but not in the case of rape or sexual assault.

This conservative government has been welcoming thousands of Texan women who want to have an abortion for months, after making a similar speech in this neighboring state. Already since September 2021, Texas has enacted legislation banning all abortions From the moment the fetal heartbeat is felt on the ultrasound, about four weeks after conception. The legitimacy of similar texts in other states has been under scrutiny for months by the US Supreme Court.

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Twenty-three conservative states are ready to ban abortion

But, Monday evening, Published by newspaper Politics Of the draft judgment of the Supreme Court In this case, the Supreme Court of the United States indicates that, almost fifty years after the legalization of abortions across the country, the power to approve or deny abortions is in the hands of the states.

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The leak of the document, whose credibility was confirmed by the court, was recalled as not about the final decision, which had the effect of a bombing in Washington and pushed Democratic President Joe Biden to recall his support for the right to abortion. . “I believe that the right of women to choose is fundamental”I will study “Options for an administrative response to an attack on abortion”.

If the Supreme Court overturns the case law Row We WadeThe country will return to the pre-1973 situation where each state was free to prohibit or recognize abortion. At least twenty-three conservative statesMost are willing to ban abortion altogether in the center and south of the country, such as Wyoming, Tennessee or South Carolina.

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