February 9, 2023

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“Please save him”: Appeal by Moroccan relatives sentenced to death in Ukraine by Russian proxies

Friend of Morocco Brahim Sadun, imprisoned in Ukraine, was sentenced to death He called on the British government on Sunday to “rescue” the area where he was fighting Russian forces.

Gina Kodenko, a Ukrainian refugee living in the UK, described her friend Brahim Sadun, 21, as “loving”, “open-minded” and “happy”. In an interview with the SkyNews television channel, he called on the British government to “take care of the people who care about democracy.” “Please save him,” she said.

Brahim Sadoon and Britain’s Aidan Aslin, 28, and Shawn later, 48, Ukrainian prisoners where they were fighting in kyiv, and were sentenced to death on Thursday for mercenary activities by a judge of separatist authorities in Donetsk. The latter, this Sunday, vowed not to change the sentences of the two Britain and Morocco who were sentenced to death to “fair”.

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“They came to Ukraine to kill civilians for money. That is why I do not see any condition to mitigate or amend the sentence, ”Denis Bushlin, the leader of the Donetsk separatist region that sentenced them, told reporters.

“A brilliant and enthusiastic guy”

Another friend of the Moroccan soldier, 20-year-old Dimitrov Kropstov, Brahim, known to his friends in Ukraine as “Brian”, joined the Ukrainian army last summer and told them he “must die as a soldier.”

“(Mr. Brahim) is a brilliant and enthusiastic guy, dreaming about future technology and how it will change things,” Dmitro Kropstov told PA News Agency. He called his execution “inhumane.”

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The father of the young Moroccan, Tader Saadoun, told the Moroccan news site Madar21 on Thursday that his son was “not a mercenary”. In April, he accused Ukrainian authorities of “recruiting foreign students to exploit them in the war.”

“Simulation of Illegal Judgment” for the United Kingdom

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called the verdict against the three men “illegal” on Thursday. Aidan Aslin’s family explained at the end of April that he had moved to Ukraine in 2018, where he met his partner and settled in Mykolayiv (southern). He decided to join the Ukrainian Navy and served in that division for almost four years.

The family of Shawn later noted that he was “not a volunteer or mercenary, but officially serving in the Ukrainian army under Ukrainian law.” He moved to Ukraine in 2018 and married a Ukrainian.

In a statement issued Saturday by the British Foreign Office, Shawn Pinnacle’s family said they were “devastated” by the court ruling, condemning the “illegal program investigation.” “Under the Geneva Convention, a prisoner of war should be given all the rights he deserves,” he said.