June 3, 2023

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Poland ‘unacceptable’ over Germany’s reluctance to supply Panther tanks

Leopard tanks: Warsaw calls Berlin’s approach “unacceptable”.

Polish Prime Minister on Sunday“unacceptable” Berlin refused to supply Panther heavy tanks to Kyiv, which insisted on them.

“It has been almost a year since the war started. Innocent people die everyday. Russian bombs wreak havoc on Ukrainian cities. Civilian property is attacked, women and children are killed.”Mateusz Morawiecki told the Polish News Agency.

Two days earlier, as part of a gathering of some 50 nations at the US base in Ramstein, Germany, Ukraine’s allies announced a substantial new arms supply to Kyiv. However, they disagreed on providing heavy tanks.

Visitor of M. Morawicki and Did “Clear Statement” Berlin allowed manufacturer Leopard tanks to be shipped to countries that held them.

Poland and Finland have offered to supply Panther tanks to Ukraine, but the transfer must first be approved by Berlin. For now, the German government is maintaining its red line: it will only supply its Panther tanks to Ukraine or allow other countries to do so, if the US takes the first step by supplying its tanks. Abrams.

On Saturday, the foreign ministers of the three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – for their part, urged Berlin. “Ukraine must be supplied with Leopard tanks now”Calling “Special Responsibility” of Germany, “Leading European Power”.

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