May 30, 2023

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Pope Francis condemns ‘thirst for power’ leading some to ‘devour their neighbour’ during Christmas

Cover Image: Pope Francis addresses the faithful during the Christmas Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican on December 24, 2022. Andreas Solaro/AFP

  • A Russian strike on a market in Kherson, southern Ukraine. On Saturday, December 24, at least ten people died and fifty-five wounded. ” It is terror, intimidation is murder [prendre] a little joy”He slammed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
  • As of Friday, Kherson, recaptured by Ukrainian forces in early November, had already been the target of seventy-four Russian attacks. According to regional authorities, a total of five people died and twenty-two were injured, according to the regional administration.
  • In the east, there are still Russian strikes “regular” In Bagmouth, The Russians have been trying since the summer to take over the Ukrainian presidency. “Freedom comes at a high price. But the price of slavery is still high”Mr. Zelensky said during his evening speech.
  • Not to mention the war in Ukraine. Pope Francis has condemned Saturday, during the traditional Christmas mass, Greed and thirst for power, which leads to liking some “devour their neighbors”.
  • Passed by the US CongressOn Friday, a broader federal services funding bill, including 45 billion aid to Ukraine.
  • The Netherlands government announcedOn Friday, a bulk envelope delivery 2.5 billion euros of support to Ukraine in 20232 billion including military aid.
  • Russian Ambassador to the United StatesAnatoly Antonov, assessed on Friday, the relations between the two countries a “Ice Age”, Russian news agency Tass reported. Mr Antonov warned of the risk of a confrontation with Washington “raised”.
  • America calledOn Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin jokingly said, To recognize the reality of the conflict in Ukraine And to withdraw his forces after using this word “Gere”During a press conference, it was banned by the Kremlin.
  • The discovery of a possible double agent working on behalf of Russia in the German secret service On Friday, the German vice chancellor said it was seen as particularly concerning, with other elected officials concerned that the agency may have accessed information from relevant services.
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