June 3, 2023

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President Jair Bolzano was rushed to hospital with a bowel obstruction

President Brazilian Jair Bolzano, 66, was rushed to hospital Monday due to a bowel obstruction in Sao Paulo. Nova Star Hospital, where
Jair Bolzano Admitted at 3 a.m. Monday, the far-right president said in a statement that he had “no fever or abdominal pain.” According to the hospital, he was admitted to the hospital with “intestinal obstruction”, partial obstruction of traffic, the hospital said.

“There is no definitive assessment of the need for surgery,” the hospital bulletin said. If his surgeon chooses surgery, it will be the fifth surgery to be performed on the head of state since the stabbing he suffered in September 2018, amid a presidential election campaign. According to this latest bulletin, Jair was able to take a few steps on the porch of Bolzano Hospital, where he is being monitored.

“The president is fine.”

“The president is fine and in treatment,” the president promised in a statement this morning, noting that the head of state was undergoing “various tests”.
Jair Bolzano said on his Twitter account that he “began to feel pain after lunch on Sunday.”

The Brazilian president also mentioned that “other tests will be performed” to assess the need for “surgery on the abdomen” in the message, which is illustrated with a photo of a man with his thumb raised and a nasocastric tube in a hospital bed. . Antonio Luis Macedo, a surgeon who previously operated on the president’s abdomen, has disrupted his vacation in the Bahamas. “We still can’t say whether he will have surgery or not. I am his surgeon and after the medical examination, I will decide on the abdomen,” the surgeon declared daily. Respect.

Many hospitals

Jair Bolsanaro, who suffered from severe abdominal pain and hiccups lasting more than ten days, was treated for obstruction in July 2021 at the institution where he was back on Monday. When I last went to the hospital, the doctors had decided not to perform surgery by opting for conservative treatment including liquid diet.

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First lady Michael Bolzano posted on Twitter, “Thanks for the prayers of love and messages received after being admitted to the hospital by the 2018 attack”, which will leave “the repercussions until the end of our lives”. “Thanks my dad is fine!” His eldest son Senator Flavio Bolzano tweeted.