March 22, 2023

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Pride march in France: Security beefed up following shooting at a gay hostel in Oslo

The Interior Ministry has decided to strengthen their security in the wake of a shooting that killed two people and injured ten at a gay hotel in Oslo on Friday evening, as Pride marches in several cities in France, including Montpellier.

Security has been beefed up for LGBTQI meetings in several French cities this Saturday, June 25. Two people have been killed and ten others injured in a shooting at a gay hotel in Oslo on Friday evening.

Improved security “without delay”

Gerald Dormain called on the directors and directors of the police and Gendermary to strengthen this security “without delay” and to mobilize all sensors to “detect potential threats” at various rallies.

In the wake of the dramatic events in Oslo yesterday and the LGBT rallies being held these days in the national territory, I urge the prefectural leaders to immediately raise public awareness.

– Gerald Dormanin (GDarmanin) June 25, 2022

Nearly 30,000 people are expected in Paris. “Police’s position around the demonstration has been tightened,” the police headquarters told AFP. France Information.

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