June 1, 2023

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Public gatherings are banned in Kyiv between Monday and Thursday amid fears of an Independence Day reprisal

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17h21 : Bonger @John And @IsaAccording to Nicholas Denzer, editor of Science Poe and an expert on international issues, interview franceinfo, “It was certainly not Ukraine that carried out this attack, but more than foreign services”. “It is absolutely impossible. Are these different currents within the security services? Are these mafia groups? Although we cannot really consider that the investigation conducted by the Russian services will be completely reliable, we will have to wait and see.”, he assures. So unfortunately it’s very difficult to give a precise answer to your questions, sorry.

17h20 : Hello, is the Ukrainian hypothesis realistic in this massacre? Isn’t this a way for Russia to hide the radicalization of Russian anti-Putin activists?

17h20 : Can we reasonably think that this kind of action that could legally remove the status of attack on Ukraine in the eyes of international opinion would really risk? Also, what is on Russian territory. It doesn’t make sense.

17h13 : “No, he’s not really close. First of all, Alexandre Duguin is very serious because he can’t even beat someone like Vladimir Putin.”

Daria Dukina is the daughter of Alexander Dukin, a Russian radical nationalist ideologue. He was killed last night when his car exploded in the Moscow region. Alexander Dugin “Very Favorable for War in Ukraine”asserts franceinfo Nicholas Denzer said Vladimir Putin took over “A certain number of his theories, especially this famous Eurasianism in the making of Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok”.

15h37 : Alexandre Duguin died yesterday when the car his daughter was driving exploded. “It’s very rare, even for someone like Vladimir Putin.” Who else has it? “took many of his doctrines”Nicolas Denzer, editor at Science Poe and expert on international issues, advances at Franceinfo.

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14h51 : Bonger @David, you are so right. You will also see that nowhere we say the opposite, and we use two keywords: #RUSSIA and #UKRAINE. Russia, on the other hand, held Ukraine responsible, and Ukraine defended itself against it. Both father and daughter were strong supporters of the war in Ukraine. So the subject of the Russian invasion invites itself to be investigated, even though for the moment no connection has been established.

14h45 : Hello. Why put “” about murder in a car bombing in Moscow? There is currently nothing to link the killing to Ukraine. That could be settling scores against the father… or not? Thanks !

14h19 : In Ukraine, Kharkiv, the country’s second city, has not been spared from Russian bombings. Despite the danger and stalemate of war, some residents refuse to leave their neighborhood. France Televisions met some of them.

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13:11 : Attack kills Russian journalist Daria Duguin, yesterday, was actually her father, Alexander Dugin, a radical nationalist ideologue, Russian investigators say. Did his support for the attack in Ukraine motivate the perpetrator? Or is he allegedly close to Vladimir Putin? Investigators have no supporting leads at this time.

12h56 : The Odesa region was also targeted by five Russian Caliber-class cruise missiles launched from the Black Sea, a spokesman for the regional administration said. Two were shot down by anti-aircraft defenses, and three crashed into a silo with no casualties.

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12h56 : The Russian offensive in Ukraine continues, especially in the south and east. The pro-Kyiv governor of Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrilenko, said the Russians had killed four civilians and wounded two others. In the Kharkiv region, Russian shelling killed a woman and wounded two other civilians since last night, the regional prosecutor’s office said.

12h50 : “Ukraine certainly has nothing to do with yesterday’s explosion, because we are not a criminal state”Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to the Ukrainian president, confirmed posthumously. Daria DuguinHis vehicle exploded.

12h22 : The head of the regional branch of Ukraine’s security service was found dead at his home in central Ukraine, the public prosecutor’s office said. Last night, Oleksandr Nakhonetchny’s wife heard gunshots in their apartment before discovering her husband’s body shot. Police have launched an investigation to ascertain the cause of his death.

12h52 : Hello, Daria Duguin actually shared her father’s extreme nationalist views. This journalist and political scientist supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine and was sanctioned by the US government. He also took part in a press trip to Donbas organized by the Russian military in June, learning France Televisions office in Moscow. French far-right activists are paying tribute to him today, notably reposting a snapshot of him posing with Marion Marechal in Paris in 2013.

11:52 : Daria Duguin, who collaborated with Alain SORAL and the French far-right, seems to have been as radical as her father, from whom she apparently took over, didn’t she?

11h49 : Bonger @tiniA spokeswoman for Russian diplomacy, Maria Zakharova, responded in a telegram, already pointing to Ukraine.. “If the Ukrainian route is confirmed (…) it must be checked by the competent authorities, it will be a policy of state terror placed in the kyiv regime”.

11h49 : Is there an official reaction from the Kremlin to the death of Daria Duguin? Protests seem to be organized right into the heart of Russia.

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11:30 am : Russia can “Do something particularly disgusting” And “terrible” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned last night that Ukraine will celebrate its Independence Day next week. Ukraine celebrates its independence from the Soviet Union on August 24, 1991.

11h29 : The risk of an accident at Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear power plant – Europe’s largest – has raised concerns. Vitaly, former engineer and “liquidator” of Chernobyl Condemn the Russian military “Playing with Fire”.(Valery Kurova/RadioFrense)

11:50 am : Alexandre Duguin, a promoter of the “Eurasist” theory, a kind of alliance between Europe and Asia under the leadership of Russia, influencing part of the French far-right, has been targeted by EU sanctions since 2014 after the Ukrainian annexation. Crimean Peninsula by Russia.

11:50 am : According to relatives of the family, quoted by Russian press agencies, Daria, an ultra-nationalist intellectual and writer targeted by the blast, borrowed her father’s car for the trip.

11:50 am : Criminal trail confirmed La Mort de Daria Duguin, the daughter of a radical nationalist ideologue, while in her father’s car yesterday. Russian police say they found a bomb in the car. A “murder” investigation has been opened.

11:50 am : Daria Duguin, daughter of Alexandre Duguin, a radical nationalist ideologue, He was killed yesterday A vehicle belonging to his father exploded in a Moscow suburb, the official Russian news agency reported Toss (in English).