April 1, 2023

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Putin offers Erdogan a “gas hub” in Turkey for export to Europe

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13h27 : Emmanuel Macron He promised France 2 last night what “Radar, Systems and Missiles” Anti-aircraft aircraft were to be delivered to Ukraine and he said he was considering sending six additional Caesar guns. These weapons “important” But Russia “There’s still a huge arsenal” And his “There’s still an advantage in terms of missiles.”Ukrainian journalist Tetyana Ogarkova reacts at franceinfo. Read his interview here.

13h09 : Time for a lunch break and some reading. Here are three franceinfo contents:

Is France giving major support to Ukraine? Are we dependent on hydrocarbons exported from authoritarian countries? Can Recession Be Avoided? In “L’Evenment” in France 2, Emmanuel Macron answered several questions and made a series of statements. Franceinfo has decoded seven.

Yesterday the UN passed a resolution on Russia’s “illegal” annexation of four Ukrainian regions. In detail, 143 countries voted in favor, five countries opposed and 35 countries abstained. Here is the ballot.

Radio France’s Investigative Unit and France 2’s “Compliment d’Enguet” program have teamed up to investigate the underbelly of awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. They take you behind the scenes of an Elysée lunch The one who changed everything.

12h56 : Russian officials allege “Armed Forces of Ukraine” An explosion hit a residential building in the Russian city of Belgorod on the border with Ukraine. “Information about victims is clarified”Vyacheslav Kladkov, the governor of the region, said in a telegram.

12h57 : The dancing stars who left Russia reunited in California for a unique show in Los Angeles on November 12. Francinbo culture Let me tell you more here.

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(Frederick J. Brown/AFP)

09h58 : Russian forces are launching an offensive toward Bakhmoud, a town in the Donetsk region that they have been trying to capture since August. Pro-Russian militias Confirm (in Russian) took control of Opytné and Ivangrad.

09h13 : France to supply defense equipment to Ukraine after US and Germany Emmanuel Macron was content to provoke himself “Systems with radars and anti-aircraft missiles”, without further details. It may actually be “Crotale” missiles. According to the statistics of many military analysts, France could give twelve and three. Explanations.

09h13 : Here it is Top news headlines :

Strike renewed at TotalEnergies refineries “by a large majority”According to CGT.

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire believes TotalEnergies is a must “Rise of Wages”. The committee declares that a “Extraordinary Bonus”. Philippe Martínez, head of the CGT, reiterates that workers are asking for a 10% raise.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne today opens political consultations on controversial pension reform in Matignon.

Two years after the assassination of Samuel Bhatti, teachers and students will honor the memory of a teacher who was killed by an extremist teenager. Anti-terrorist inquiry judges concluded their hearings last week.

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly condemned it “more” Illegal Russian annexations of Ukrainian territories.

07h20 : Night bombings continue in Ukraine. The Nikopol region in the Dnipro region was targeted by strikes again for the second time in 24 hours. According to presidential adviser Kirill Tymoshenko, at least one person was injured, specifically noting that sixty rockets were fired.

(Kirill Tymoshenko/Telegram)

06h54 : The General Assembly of 193 UN member states has condemned Russia’s illegal annexation of Ukrainian territories. (Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Nicaragua) The resolution passed with 143 votes in favour, 35 against and 5 against. This vote sends a “Message Clarity” In Moscow, he congratulated US President Joe Biden.

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