June 3, 2023

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Putin’s health: Russian president allegedly poisoned by taking steroids, British investigative journalist says

Vladimir Putin started taking it a few years ago to treat a back injury he sustained after falling off a horse.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin Could be good He was poisoned by steroids. At least that’s what British investigative journalist John Sweeney says in his new book, “Assassin in the Kremlin.”

His book and whose US site will be released on July 21 Newsweek Revealing its first leaves, he tells how the physical transformation of the head of the Kremlin struck him. John Sweeney says that in 2014, when he was able to rub shoulders with Putin for a BBC report, the Russian president was very thin-faced. Whereas now, Looks like him “A hamster with puffy cheeks”.

Excessive consumption of steroids causes tumor formation

A drastic change in appearance that can be explained by taking steroids. The Russian head of state would have started taking it a few years ago Treatment of back injury after a fall from a horse, according to Sweeney, he does not specifically cite his sources. Vladimir Putin would have taken too much of it, for example, to the detriment of his health. Tumor formation.

For its part, the Kremlin has consistently denied rumors of Vladimir Putin’s health problems, and the British military chief declared that rumors about Putin’s health were unverifiable.

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