May 30, 2023

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Rare American submarine crashes in South China Sea

The damaged nuclear attack struck an unknown object when the submarine sank USS Connecticut And eleven members of its crew were wounded, the U.S. Navy revealed Thursday. The accident happened on October 2nd “In the international waters of the Indo-Pacific region”, According to her, in the South China Sea, the newspaper said. The event falls badly on the U.S. Navy, amid mounting military tensions with China around Taiwan and in the wake of the Awkes Agreement – plans to deliver nuclear-powered submarines to Australia.

L ‘USS Connecticut, The Sewolf-Glass ship, which has been in service for twenty-four years, is one of the best and most stolen in the world. He also participated in joint exercises with Japan and the United Kingdom. “The submarine is safe and stable. The gaps between the nuclear power plant and the submarine are not affected and are fully operational.” Contacted the U.S. Pacific Fleet Command. The ship has reached the island of Guam for repairs.

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There were no life-threatening injuries, but experts say the number of injured reflects significant trauma. While waiting for additional information, everything can be explained: container or waste, other submarine or underwater drone, underground drilling, rock. The last serious diving accident experienced by a US submarine in the Pacific before 2005USS San-Francisco One sank hill in front, killing one and injuring twenty.

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“Wolf Fight”

The accident was significant because guiding this region, which is rich in natural resources, has become a strategic affair because Beijing defends its approaches and relies on its military power over disputed islands by several riverside states. “China is very concerned” In the aftermath of the clash, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian sought clarification on the circumstances of the crash on Thursday.

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The China Sea is becoming a dangerous congestion, attracting more and more warships from the Indo-Pacific, the West and Russia. This is a question of protecting navigation freedom as competed by China, but also of conducting exercises with local partners or conducting intelligence missions. Numerous submarines pass through the area. “If China, Russia or any other country adopts contradictory ‘wolf-fighting’ underwater tactics such as China’s unprofessional approach to air and sea, it should be a warning call to all.” Craig Hooper writes for American Magazine Forbes.

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