June 1, 2023

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Record debt arrears at £1.3bn

The cost of living has skyrocketed UK. Bills Electricity According to comparison site Usswitch, unpaid sums across the channel have tripled in a year to £1.3 billion. This debt is expected to increase further as electricity tariffs are set to undergo further significant increases in the coming months, Uswitch said in a statement on Wednesday.

Price regulator Energy Britain’s Ofgem is set to announce an increase in the energy price cap on August 26. This will increase from £1,971 a year to £3,358 a year for an average family. Britain, trusts Uswitch with rising energy prices. Analysts at specialist firm Cornwall Insight expect further increases in this ceiling in October, January and April, which could increase to £4,427.

Inflation to hit 13% soon

“This is a dangerous situation,” Usswitch manager Justina Miltianite said, calling on electricity companies to help “find a solution, in particular to offer more affordable tariff schedules” for households who cannot afford to pay their electricity bills.

In the middle of the campaign Liz dress and Rishi Sunak, two conservative candidates likely to win Boris Johnson In Downing Street, Justina Mildennight is urging the government to increase its help for vulnerable families. Inflation The Bank of England said it could exceed 13% in October, a record since the end of 1980, after already reaching 9.4% a year in June, as energy prices continue to rise.

“Don’t Pay England”

An Anonymous Campaign” Don’t pay for UK The campaign, launched with nearly 100,000 participants, calls for energy bills to be reduced to “affordable levels” or risk a “work strike” on electricity bill payments from October 1. Finance Minister Nadim Zahavi and Energy, Industry and Commerce Minister Kwasi Kwarteng are scheduled to hold an emergency meeting with energy bosses on Thursday.

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The energy giant’s half-year profit was staggering ShellBP and Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, recently shocked the United Kingdom, where millions of low-income families are threatened with having to choose between food and heating next winter.